Apple iWatch 2 Concept Looks Awesome, Is Still Kinda Useless

Designer Antonio De Rosa is still hard at work trying to make the wristwatch relevant again. The original iWatch was just an iPod Touch on a wristband, and didn’t provide anything that your iPhone couldn’t already do. With the advent of the cloud, the iWatch might become a semi-useful tool.

Warning: this is still only a concept. The iWatch doesn’t exist in real life, and who knows if it ever will. Anyone who can crunch a few numbers has probably already figured out that it would be a complete waste of money to build a ton of these things just to sell to an upper echelon of iDevice users who love wristwatches and have the cash to burn.

That being said, the purpose of the iWatch 2 concept is to seamlessly connect all of your iDevices together through the cloud and make them accessible through one easy, wrist-mounted screen. In Imaginationland this bad boy has 32 GB of storage for pictures, videos, and music, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a standalone RSS reader, and a front-facing camera. De Rosa also added an LCD projector onto the list, because when you’re making shit up it’s easy to throw out ridiculous ideas.

Just don’t expect to see these in your local Apple store any time soon.

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