Apple Tries To Push e-Textbooks For iPads, But iPads Are Still Too Expensive


So, a few weeks ago I already told you why Electronic Textbooks were absolutely horrible for students, but it seems like Apple didn’t heed my warning. Yesterday, they started offering e-Textbooks for some of the most basic classes that students will need, and some people are kinda pissed about it. Sure it’s pretty cool that you just have to carry around an iPad instead of four books that Andre the Giant could hold comfortably, but there’s just one problem: iPads are fucking expensive! I can’t use my hard earned birthday/holiday money for an iPad. I’d rather my parents buy my textbooks for me, just like every other poor college student. If I had to pay for things, this would be me:

Okay, so maybe it’s already me, but it doesn’t matter. Anyway, we’ve seen threats from these e-Textbook people before, and it doesn’t really seem like this is going to go anywhere. Apple also released iTunes U, which allows people to get lectures and notes off of iTunes; and iBook Author, which would allow people to create e-textbooks that are specifically designed for this market; but I don’t think any developers are actually going to believe that they can do better than the printed textbook market. Oh well, hopefully our schools will give us free iPads if this does hit off. More Angry Birds for this guy.

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