Apps That Will Take Over Your Life

If you are like me, and thought you take the easy, more convenient route by ordering your iPad 2 online this past Friday, only to learn that you will now have to wait several weeks for it to arrive; here are some pretty addicting apps that will help keep you busy in the meantime. Just a warning though, these apps will require plenty of attention and may make you totally neglect everything and everyone around you.

Tiny Wings

When this app came out last month and took the top spot from Angry Birds in the app store, I was skeptical, but part of me was really curious to try it out. I decided to download the sucker anyway, at only .99 cents, I thought,”hell, what could I possibly lose?” I guess one dollar isn’t such a big deal. However, I gained a lot more, a fun addicting game that was easier than angry birds and could take up countless hours of my life! who wouldn’t want that.

The objective of this one-button touch game is to help a “tiny-wing” bird fly over numerous sized hills in a race against sunlight. The simple game play requires you to tap the screen to get the bird to dip, trying to fit perfectly into the downward slope of hills and then let go after, for the bird to gains speed. You will collect coins, points and accomplish specific tasks throughout the game in order to recieve an upgraded nest for your bird. This game is pretty rewarding and has the potential to keep you busy between classes, at work or just pre-occupied while your second generation iPad arrives at your door step.


Are you a fan of twitter? Do you like taking tons of pictures? If your answer is yes to both of these questions then you will love Instagram.  This amazingly fun app allows you to snap photos on the go or even take existing photos from your iOS device and share them with the world.  With this social networking app, you can select and apply different filters to enhance your pictures. Furthermore, you can follow a feed of other people’s photo updates, getting a glimpse of their day to day lives. It is a pretty cool experience and can take over your life, especially if your nosey or have a curious or wandering eye. Even if you dont have tons of friends or followers on Instagram, you can still browse the “Popular” page to see the most talked about pictures. Interacting with other people of this app, is like nothing I have experienced before. And this experience is free!  It’s definitely worth exploring.


Boomshakalaka! This game bring me back to the days of my youth, when arcades still existed in great numbers and it cost 25 cents to battle a completer stranger in PERSON for the simple sense of accomplishment and sheer competitve nature. Now this 90’s phenomenon, with its overly animated announcers and ridicously unreal dunks has made its way to the iphone. Electronic Arts (EA) definitely outdid theirselves with this remake. The graphics are amazing, the game play is fast and the players look very realistic,well with bigger heads of course.

This classic game is a little pricey at $5, but if your looking to go down memory lane for many hours then considered yourself a satisfied customer. Even though the game lacks a multiplayer option, It is still my top pick for apps that will occupy your life. I’m sure in the months to follow, this app will receive a pretty hefty update. So get this app now while its hot, or ON Fiiiiire!

With these three apps at your fingertips, waiting for your iPad 2 should be a breeze.

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