Are Water Rowers or Air Rowers Better?

A rowing machine is a very important piece fo equipment to consider for your home gym. It is a high-grade cardio machine that will give you a full-body workout. The machine is also common with many people because it entertains at the same time. The benefits of using rowing machines are immense. When you are planning to buy a rowing machine, you need to be aware of the two most common types of these machines that are available in the market. There are air rowers and water rowers. For this reason, you need to have some tips for deciding which of the two machines is suitable for your needs.

Whether air rowers or water rowers are better for you depends on several factors. The difference between the two types of rowers can help you decide on which one you should pick for your cardio exercises.

Here are factors to consider when choosing either air or water rowers:

  1.   Type of resistance

You will realize that resistance is a factor that stands out between the two types of rowers. With the air rowers, it means the resistance is set up by the use of air. When one rows, the pressure is controlled through the air. This depends, however, on how the machine is set up. When it comes to water rowers, the rowing machine has water inside it and this is what is used to set its resistance. Rowing through the water is what creates the necessary resistance for the rowing machine.

  1.   Accuracy of Monitors

This is yet another factor that you should consider. The accuracy of the monitors available on these two kinds of rowers differs quite a lot. With the water rower, the fact that the water is not consistent means that the data produced by the monitor is not accurate. With the air rowers, you can get much more accurate data. They are also more detailed because the data coming to the monitor looks at the airwaves. Whether you are comparing high-end water rowers and air rowers, the monitors on the air rowers are always better. Therefore, if you are interested in more accurate metrics, you may want to consider the air rowers.

  1.   Controlled Airflow

You will notice the controlled airflow when it comes to air rowers. When you gain much more experience with the use of air rowers, controlled airflow makes a big difference. You can toggle through so that you can get the kind of airflow control that can ensure your stroke is not compromised. This is a good factor for your exercise. You can also change the water levels when it comes to the water rowers. However, when compared with the air rowers, the water rowers do not measure up to the quality and pressure of the strokes produced by the air rowers.

The Advantages of Water Rowers

  •         They are quiet while in operation.
  •         With their stroke, they are consistent and smooth.
  •         The whoosh water feeling in the tank makes it good for some people.
  •         These rowers require little maintenance. You only need to occasionally change the water and that’s it.

Disadvantages of Water Rowers

  •         These tend to be larger when compared to the other types of rowers.
  •         They may have their prices set at a much higher rate than the other rowers.

Since these rowers are elegant in design, they can be suitable for home use. This is because of their style and the fact that they require little or no maintenance. They have wooden frames.

Advantages of Air Rowers

  •         These machines come with a wide range of resistance. As such, they replicate how rowing happens in water.
  •         They have an automatic resistance so they can adjust to your rate of stroke.
  •         Their action is smooth and therefore has a few tear-and-wear mechanisms.

The disadvantage of Air Rowing Machines

One disadvantage of air rowing machines is that they are noisy. Therefore, they may not be suitable for use at home.

Why should you buy a rowing machine for your home?

Regardless of whether you want to buy a water or air rowing machine, there are many advantages to acquiring these machines.  These machines can give you the right kind of workout to keep fit always. They help you burn more calories and much faster when compared to other kinds of exercises. Having an indoor rowing machine means that you can work out at any time of the day, regardless of the weather conditions. For the athletes who prefer to row in water when the weather is good, an indoor rowing machine ensures that you will always engage in your exercise any time you need to.


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