Student debt Truth

It’s no question. Our pockets are thin when we’re raging in college and like it or not most of us have taken out college loans. We are consistently digging ourselves a deeper hole until we finally fall in to the proverbial “money pit.” For those of you on your parents dime, just realize that the facade doesn’t last and eventually you are on your own living the American Dream – broke as a joke and getting that first entry level job.

Student Debt now

So put this in your pipe and smoke it: student debt in the United States now exceeds ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. No, this is not a joke and it’s due to the rise of college acceptances that is now greater than ever.  Most of this 33% is coming from you folks graduating or just “crusin’ by” as Jeff Spiccoli from Fast Times At Ridgemont High put it.  2 out of 3 of students are graduating with debt which is only going to continue to rise along with your credit card bills but you know what? Before I go on, peep this infographic from valorebooks, who will continue blowing brain busters up your ass.

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