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By: David Kaplan, The Campus Gamer

Just a few more days until the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and my gamer jeans are growing tight with anticipation and excitement. I’ve been releasing information of the game leading up to its launch on Sunday (May 23rd) and today I’d like to fill you in on my favorite addition to the game:


Yoshi has been Mario’s trusted steed on many of his adventures in the past. His fan popularity has been so great that Yoshi has been featured as the main character in other games made by Nintendo and a go-to in games like Mario Kart and Mario Party.

From what I know so far, Yoshi looks as though he will play a very important role in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It’s definitely on par with the part he played in Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo and this is hard to deny when you see all of his cool new power ups at your control.

First and most commonly known is Yoshi’s tongue. Like a frog he propels his tongue out and can devour most enemies and spit them back out as a projectile. In this game you point with the Wii remote where you want to aim his tongue and with the push of a button the enemy is chomped up by your dinosaur friend.

Yoshi, like Mario, has an arsenal of power ups scattered around the levels just waiting for you to discover in the form of fruits and vegetables. A blimp berry will fill Yoshi with gas, causing him to float like a balloon. You can use air escaping from his mouth to propel you but you are limited by the amount of gas left inside his stomach.

If you swallow a hot pepper, the torch is lit under Yoshi and you take off like a bat outta hell. This power will come in handy because in certain areas it will allow you to run up walls.

The last of Yoshi’s power ups I have come across is the bulb berry. This seems like it will be a power up in ghost levels where hidden doors and passages are around every corner. Eat a bulb berry and Yoshi will glow, making platforms in his immediate area appear out of thin air. If Yoshi isn’t glowing, the platforms aren’t there.

Hope you enjoyed this segment, more info to come as we draw closer to the game’s launch.

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