Ask The Campus Diva: Dig Deeper Into The Diva

By: The Campus Diva

It’s Wednesday and that can only mean one thing, The Campus Diva is here to answer all of your sexual queries.  If you missed last week’s column take a look here to get your first taste of Diva knowledge.  As always feel free to drop the Diva a line in the comments section if you need any additional advice to help you in the bedroom or in your relationships.

What characteristics do you look for in a male sexual partner to feel comfortable to have sex without a condom?

It’s really easy to be stupid and think in the moment, a.k.a. not use a condom for the first time.  What I ideally look for is someone who’s relationship material. Yes men, that means commitment. Getting tested is pretty underrated and rarely happens, but quite frankly a smart idea. Ugh, why does sex feel soooo much better without a condom? I hate this question because my morals and history somewhat contradict each other.

How do I know if you want me to make the first move?

If I’m flirting or showing interest and I don’t make the first move first than that means to step in and tame the nerve or hesitance. I, however, like for the man to be proactive with the date and be a gentleman and me to take care of the first move. Regardless, I find it to be much hotter that way.

What would be the best way for a guy to approach you in a social setting?

Old school.  If we’re at a bar, approach me in some way and offer to buy me a drink.  You’ll totally be able to tell if I’m into it.  Although you could catch me by surprise, chances are we were eye fucking across the bar first. I always think it’d be cute to get picked up at a supermarket when our guards are down in sweats and hoodies and you need help with what size tin to buy for the cake your baking for your mom’s birthday tomorrow night. Public transportation is fun, too.  You know you always look around at the airport and hope the hot guy/girl a row over is sitting next to you on the plane and then find you’re smushed in between a crying baby and a snoring fat dude in the isle seat sleeping so you can’t go to the bathroom.

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