Ask The Campus Diva: Spreading the Knowledge Wider

By: The Campus Diva

All week long The Campus Diva has been hard at work listening in on all of your dirty little secrets.  Needless to say, it’s been an amusing experience as we have some real creative minds reading my work each and every week.  Let’s jump right in with a few more of your finest questions.

Do you like being pursued through Facebook?

Haha.  Hell no… seriously, grow a pair.  I understand you want pictures of me from every angle and catch a few of me on Halloween. Everyone can and does stalk on FB, but don’t pursue me. After you approve my pics, find a friend of mine that you know and figure out a way to meet me out so that it’s random although secretly planned.

After you get the phone number, what is the best first contact, phone call or text message?

PHONE CALL. Let me say it bigger and bold it – PHONE CALL. If you text me, it’s over before it starts.

Is it appropriate to go for doggy style during the first sex session?

Never thought of this before. Is the first session the first date? If so, the girl is a one-night stand. Since I’m bring home to mommy material, I like to think that the first session would be after several dates and then be so caught up in the moment that what ever positions arise should not be judged, but happen naturally.

Is “sexting” kosher and if so what is over the line?

Totally kosher, but dangerous.  I think it’s fun and awesome foreplay, but pictures and videos can cross the line.  It’s really awkward and unsettling after a break up to wonder where the hell that naked picture of you really is.  Deleted? I don’t think so.

Baggy Jeans or Tight Jeans?

If baggy jeans is a 1 and tight is a 10 I’d go with a 7.  I really like tight enough to show some definition in the legs and butt and accentuate the package, without looking like you’re interested in checking out the man behind me.  Too baggy…soooo out.

What’s too old and what’s too young?

It’s all about maturity and being in the same place at the same time metaphorically speaking. I’ve dated younger, my age, a lot older…done it all. Just has to feel right. If I need to give an age range I’d say 23-30?? Depends what I’m looking for.

Do you want a guy who watches SportsCenter or Shark Week?

SportsCenter for sure, but look me in the eye when I’m talking to you if I have a question.  Even more so, show your undivided appreciation for the homemade dips and apps I make when your friends are over for the game. If you help clean up, I’ll fuck you later.

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