ASU Undie Run 2011 – A Quick Recap and Video


You’re looking at Stephanie Turtur – Undeniably hot Tempe12 girl, Campus Diva Award nominee, ASU student, and philanthropist who donated all of her clothes to charity last night at ASU’s annual Undie Run. So it seems that despite all of yesterday’s drama and threats from the event’s organizers, Tempe12 found their way past the fence anyway. You just can’t stop the synergy of guerrilla marketing and goodwill. Altogether, students donated 5,300 pounds of clothing while running a course around the Tempe campus in their knickers. We hear that things eventually got out of hand as the estimated 10,000 students raided the Memorial Union and got rowdy like an F5 Tornado in Alabama (too soon?), forcing the police to pull the fire alarm and evacuate the building. Mission accomplished! Check out some video of the event in full swing after the jump!

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