Audiotistic 2011: Insomniac Always Delivers

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Insomniac really knows how to put on a show.  From Nocturnal to EDC to Audiotistic, Insomniac events provides mind numbing music and an overall tantalizing experience.  Last Saturday at NOS Events Center, Audiotistic Festival blew up San Bernardino with four incredible stages of the best electronic.


Audiotistic has been thrilling audiences since 1996 and definitely hasn’t lost steam.  The festival start to end was all great.  The weather was great and security was super nice too.  I had a lovely conversation with the woman who searched me.  The NOS Events Center held four huge stages, numerous water filling stations, bars and food, and a grass field to lay down and relax.

Audiotistic Schedule

Djs started at 3 pm across the four stages.  Each stage played a different type of electro.  I spent the most time in Treble Frequency where the bass was always hard and the fans always excited.  You’d have a tight mosshy type crowd near the stage.  Then the audience loosened up and there was the section of people dancing.  and behind them they were sitting down giving each other light shows and back massages.

 Front Row

Security was pretty chill, I didn’t see a single fight or confiscation of illegal substances (not to say it didn’t happen) and they refilled water bottles for free.  What’s not to love?  Throw in some incredible music for the perfect night of pure wompage. For those of you who haven’t seen Porter Robinson live, he gives a really show and you need to buy concert tickets now.  Flux Pavilion & Doctor P. played their set next and killed it.  Flux dropped Bass Cannon when me and my friends were walking through the trippy light tunnel.  Diplo was awesome, he had two fancy Brookstone fans behind him keeping the turntables cool. Crystal Castles then Wolfgang Gartner to close the night at the Treble Frequency stage.  That stage was feeding out amazing tracks for hours and giving the audience exactly what they wanted.

Light Tunnel

Showtek closed the show at the Anjunabeats Speaker Temple.  Showtek doesn’t give drops, he drops entire sections of music, it’s always progressing.  Only bad part about the show was that at 2am, security turned off Showtek’s speakers even though his encore song was JUST about to drop.  All in all an amazing festival.  Very well organized, great location, safe and secure, and incredible music and lights.


Check out my article next week to see how HARD Summer compares!!

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