Australian Funnymen Hamish and Andy Make You Laugh Your Ass Off to Ghosting and 3-Step Hiding

By: Rock Comedian Brian Smith

Every comedian grows up idolizing their favorite performers. As a Rock Comedian, I constantly have Adam Sandler, Stephen Lynch, and Tenacious D in rotation on my I-pod. These days, I find myself becoming fond of hilarious Youtube videos. I’m not so much interested in watching accidental humor as I am watching someone, or a group of people, who take the time to create something hysterical.

A few months ago, a friend of mine asked me if I knew what “Ghosting” was. I hadn’t, and upon my friend begging me to pull out my laptop and watch Hamish and Andy’s “Ghosting” or personal space invading videos as they proclaim their actions to be, I found myself seconds away from laughing on the floor. I very rarely send Youtube videos to friends in emails, but I had to let my network in on this little gem.

(Fast forward to 2 minutes)

Upon searching for more Hamish and Andy videos, I came across “3 Step Hiding”, which is a glorified version of the popular game “Ring and Run”. With “3 Step Hiding” however, you ring a doorbell and have 3 total steps to hide. I’m tempted to say more, but these videos will explain all you need to know about these two creative geniuses from the land down under. Enjoy!

(Fast Forward to 2:15)

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