Babes, Boobs, and Booze Courtesy of Port-O-Pong

Ask any red-blooded sane male to name the five most precious things in life and more often than not you will see some combination of the following items appear on his list: sexy women, cold beer, comfort food, decent shelter, and a competitive fantasy football squad.  Yeah, friends, family, and companionship all are nice but when you get right down to it, man is a primitive creature and can be satisfied with a simple armchair, a chilled Budweiser and a beautiful woman to gawk at (either live and present or digital in TV land).  In the spirit of the holiday season, the fine folks over at Port-O-Pong have found the perfect item to capture all of the innate male desires, and the best part is that you probably have enough money stashed away in your couch to afford it.  Behold the Port-O-Babes Bouncing Boobie Koozie.

Any sports fan or toy fanatic is familiar with the bobblehead doll, a staple within any respectable memorabilia collection.  Whether is a LeBron James, Mayor McCheese, or Joey Fatone bobblehead – one thing is constant among all these dolls, the only thing that shakes on these dudes is their craniums. Port-O-Pong has taken the idea of the traditional bobblehead doll and revolutionized it with their chesty, groundbreaking Port-O-Babes.  These beauties offer the same beverage cooling capabilities of a standard koozie with the added sexy twist of large bouncing breasts in your face as you drink – most men usually need to pay extra for this sort of special treatment.

Port-O-Pong is glad to provide the gift that keeps on jiggling for the special holiday price of $5.50 per koozie (regularly $8.99/each) or 4 koozies for $22.  Available in blonde, brunette, and dark hair varieties, the Port-O-Babe makes a perfect holiday present for anyone who wishes to say “Hey man, I know you love breasts and I know you love beer – so here is my best effort to kill two birds with one stone.”  All you need to do is load up your Port-O-Babe koozie with your favorite brewsky and watch the hilarity ensue.  These ladies will jiggle and bounce with every sip and you will be the life of the party thanks to Port-O-Pong.

Purchase your Port-O-Babe koozies and everything else for the expert partier only at Port-O-Pong.

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