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So you’re in a college band, huh? That’s reasonable – I mean, what else do you have to do with your time besides party, drink, and get laid? Sounds like a rockstar life to me. Well, if you’re looking to turn your college hobby into a profession, now there’s a tool to do it. Bandsurfing allows bands and DJs to find venues that fit their style and fan base the best, and also cuts down on the annoying bullshit that venues have to sift through to get to the acts they want.

The site was started by coder and lifelong musician Javier Romero, who discovered the disconnect between musicians and bookers a few years back when he was trying to set up a tour for his band.

It’s easy to set up and even easier to understand. All you need to do is specify whether you’re a band or a booker, and then you can fill out all sorts of information like band bios, style of music, what your requirements are (gas money, food, a place to sleep, a shower, PA system), and what venue requirements you meet. Then utilize your free account (aka Garage) to send out 3 submissions to venues. If you find that 3 submissions isn’t enough, you can upgrade to Local, Regional, or National for a minimal charge.

So avoid the real world a little bit longer all you music socialites out there. Keep the party going well after college by turning your extra-curricular activity into your career. Hopefully you get to live dream that every postgrad in a suit and tie wishes they could.

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