By: Kevin Plaza

Could this be the year?

Is he ready to take the next step?

How is he going to come back from that injury?

Who will get caught for steroids?

It is back. BASEBALL. Let the good times roll all through the spring and summer. It is our past time, so let’s enjoy it people. Who cares if you’re a Pirates fan and have no hope of winning more than 60 games? Who cares if you’re a Cubs fan wondering what this year’s excuse is going to be? Hey, who even cares if you’re a Nationals fan just waiting for the day that Stephen Strasburg gets called up. It is all gravy baby; we get to watch all of Pujols’s monster home runs and see Johan Santana try and pitch every day for that weak Mets rotation. It is going to be a fun year.

There is nothing like sitting on the couch enjoying a cold one and watching your team go out there and dominate. For many of us that won’t happen; we will most likely cry ourselves to sleep as we realize that this year will be just as bad as last one. But that next day we will do the same thing- open up another 12 pack and sit back and watch again, because that is what we do, and we love doing it. Baseball brings the best along with it, the beautiful weather, the annoying sunburns and those awesome bees, especially the ones that look the size of your computer mouse. So don’t dwell on your team’s lack of a, well, team, and grab those brews (if you are a Royals or Pirates fan I would recommend a 18 pack per person), those hamburgers and hot dogs and watch some baseball!!!! Who knows, this may be your teams year? If your team is named the Yankees, that is.

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