Beauty Hacks to Get You Through College

College can be a busy time of classes, friends, clubs and fun. You want to look good, but you don’t have time to put all the effort in on a daily basis. Staying up with beauty and fashion isn’t always an easy thing to do for a college student, but you also want to take care of yourself. It’s not about looking good, it’s about feeling good.

These few simple hacks will help you feel better about yourself and they’re quick and easy so they won’t take a ton of time out of your busy schedule. You won’t even be late for class!

Hair Hacks

Sometimes it just isn’t convenient to shower every day, and you really don’t need to unless you’ve been working up a sweat. You can keep your hair feeling clean with some baking soda, which works to absorb natural oils and sweat. This lets you keep your style for a longer period also, and it’s as easy as just adding some to your regular shampoo.

Makeup Hacks

Did you recently run out of eyeliner? No money or time to go get some? All you need is your mascara and an eyeliner brush and you’re all set. Mascara isn’t just for your lashes anymore. Just rub your liner brush on your mascara bristles and put on as you would your normal liner. Use eyeshadow mixed with a little lotion for a quick cream blush or lipstick.

If you’re looking for fuller lips, ditch the lip liner. Lip liner can look unnatural and it can fade.. Sonoma Skin Works suggests Juvederm for fuller lips on their Facebook page.

Manicure Hacks

A trip to the nail salon isn’t always convenient or affordable. If you like having your nails prim and proper there are some great hacks you can you to keep your tips in style. It seems like every month there is a new nail trend. Right now it just might be the graduated manicure. This colorful nail style is really easy to do if you have a makeup sponge on hand. Simply paint the sponge with the colors/design you want and press it onto your nail.

Instant manicures like this will have people asking you what salon you are going to and you can amaze them with your simple beauty secret.

Beauty doesn’t have to be a timely task. These are just a few hacks to get you started. However, when you run out of something in your makeup arsenal it’s pretty important to know that many tools can do double duty.

Don’t let your busy college life overwhelm you and keep you from allowing yourself to feel confident and beautiful, with or without a beauty routine.

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