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BREAKING NEWS!  The Campus Socialite has coined the new term “Buzz Shot” for a trick shot in beer pong.  All beer pong players know the typical shots, as outlined in the image below.  The fastball, the arc shot, and the bounce are classics, but there are many trick shots that skilled beer pong players have been executing for years without a term to define the concept.

Some of our favorite Buzz Shot’s are the no look buzz shot, the behind the back buzz shot, the off the dog buzz shot, the 2nd floor buzz shot, the jet ski (bounce the ball into a beer puddle on the table with enough force to splash opponent and still bounce into cup), the rack shot (if you shoot a ball into the cleavage of a girl on the opposing team it could be deemed worthy of removing a cup, the hike shot, the suck and blow shot, and many others.  We will be displaying all different buzz shots done by special beer pong players in the coming weeks.

The origin of the term “Buzz Shot” comes from the development of a new edition of the classic beer pong game in the form of a deck of cards.  This game that is sweeping college campuses across the nation is called “Buzz Shot- The Beer Pong Card Game”.  The rules are simple- instead of just taking normal beer pong shots, prior to your shot, you draw a card which will reveal to you the type of trick shot, or “Buzz Shot”, that you must take. Although some say it just evens the playing field, others are perfecting their Buzz Shot, hoping to defy these naysayers that believe that in this new game, anybody can win.

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