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Bernie Madoff’s life just got more twisted.

The latest revelation? The disgraced financier had a 20-year affair. According to The New York Times, Sheryl Weinstein has a book coming out at the end of August called Madoff’s Other Secret: Love, Money, Bernie, and Me that details her relationship with the famous swindler.

But Weinstein wasn’t just Madoff’s lover; she was the chief financial officer for Hadassah, the Jewish charity that lost $90 million in Madoff’s enormous Ponzi scheme. Hadassah’s president said that they had no idea that Weinsten was involved with Madoff.

And neither did Ruth Madoff, who may actually benefit from this revelation. Public sentiment has been overwhelmingly against Ruth, as people have said that there was no way that she didn’t know about her husband’s crimes. Ruth’s lawyer told the Times that the affair “stands as a powerful reminder, to those who say Ruth must have known of her husband’s criminal scheme, that there are some things that some spouses—however close they are—do not share with each other.”

It’s not clear whether Weinstein knew about Madoff’s illegal money-making machinations, but it’s likely that she didn’t—she and her husband of 37 years had invested heavily with Madoff, and she testified against him in his December trial.

“He is a beast who has fed upon us to satisfy his own needs…. I am asking you to keep him in a cage behind bars,” she said, according to the AFP.

The Weinsteins had to sell their home, she said in December, because “four years ago we refinanced our mortgage and gave the excess cash to Bernie Madoff.”

Weinsten’s book will be published on August 25, by St. Martin’s Press.

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