Best Careers to Have For Those Who Love Helping People


It’s necessary that everybody has a career to be able to live. Every person goes through a time of discovery find out what it is they want to do for the rest of their lives. Many never find out or spend hopping from one career path to another until they find something that connects with who they are as a person. This is crucial to life. Nobody wants to spend years in a job that they don’t enjoy doing.

If you’re in a place where you’re trying to find the perfect career for you and you love helping people, and would prefer a career where you can do so, here are some careers you might want to consider:

In-Between House Worker

There are many jobs that fall within a similar category to this. If you long to help people and you have a heart for children who are in troubling circumstances, you could consider working at an in-between house. These houses usually host children who are either in the foster system and don’t have any homes to live in or they’re children who the parents can’t take care of for lengths of time.

You basically act as a substitute guardian for the children. They all live in the house and you take shifts acting like a parent or a nanny. You feed them, play with them, take them to school…you know, the usual. It’s rewarding because you get to see children in difficult situations have their lives changed through the help of yourself and the organization you work for.

Anything Medical

The category is broad, but that’s good because it actually helps you be able to find a very specific niche that you can connect with. If you don’t particularly like one aspect of the medical field, you can easily transition into studying another. The medical field is one of the most rewarding career paths you can choose. Every day you’re making a difference in somebody’s life. It may be filled with it’s share of hardships, but when you see someone being able to walk again, or when you save somebody from dying of cancer, it’s all worth it.

School Counselor

If a career in the medical field doesn’t particularly suit your fancy and you’re not keen on spending all day and night with children who need a lot of help and attention at times, you might want to consider being a school counselor. You still get to have a positive effect without as much of the commitment.

There is little that is better than being able to talk with different students about their passions and helping them find who they are in a higher capacity. Lead them towards making positive life decisions and watch as you start to feel more fulfilled in life because of it.  


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