Best Online Jobs for College Girls who Need a Profitable Side Hustle

There’s no denying that being a student isn’t easy, and this is especially true if you don’t have a scholarship and have to pay for your studies. Add to this the current world events, and a lot of students are looking for online jobs that will increase their profits and help them stay afloat.

If you’re a college girl who wants to make some money, there are things like becoming a cam girl or working as an online tutor that can get you a decent income. But if you find yourself looking for a more passive way to make some money, here are some excellent online jobs that will become a profitable side-hustle in no time.


When you hear the word “dropshipping”, the first thing that probably springs to mind is “everyone has tried it”. And to some extent, you’d be right, but not many succeed. And that’s where you come in – play your cards right, and you’ll be among the ones who make a killing out of a business that’s rather hands-off after a while.

Now, make no mistake, things are going to be tricky when you’re starting out. You’ll need to work hard and smart, and you’ll need to be patient – money doesn’t come overnight with dropshipping. There’s also the fact that you will really need to get things right for your customers and make sure you’re working with a target market that wants your product.

But once you’ve established yourself as the go-to online store, you can actually relax and let your store run itself. Sure, you’ll need to log on every once in a while, check stock, add new products, and make sure your customers’ needs are all addressed, but that’s all you’ll need to be doing, honestly.

Makeup Tutorials

It’s no secret that a lot of girls don’t really like makeup because they never learned how to apply it correctly. And they’re probably watching someone else do it so they can learn – why not be that “someone else”? Making makeup tutorials is a great way to kickstart a YouTube channel, which you can monetize down the line.

Sure, you’ll need to be good at it, and you’ll need to be able to do it well in front of the camera. But if you’ve been using makeup for years, that shouldn’t be a problem – you just have a camera and display instead of a mirror, everything else is pretty much identical.

Doing makeup tutorials might not sound like a quick buck, and that’s because it isn’t. It requires you to be patient, but you’ll be establishing a bit of a following if you do things right. To add to this, there’s always the possibility of brands coming across your channel and offering you collaborations. This may get you an increased income, but it will certainly get you a lot of new makeup to try out and experiment with. If you get a decent following, you’ll find that you don’t really spend your money on makeup – brands send it to you for review. It’s a great way to make some money, learn a few things in the process and get in touch with a lot of the big brands you’ve been spending your money on.


The world of marketing is an interesting one – it never stops evolving, new things never stop coming, and you can always find something to do. If you’ve got a knack for marketing, online marketing should be something you can definitely learn. And with so many aspects of it, you can see what you’re good at and continue focusing on that.

You can start with social media marketing as a way to learn – getting a grasp isn’t all that difficult, and it’s certainly something you can learn. Once you’ve got that nailed down, you can move on to other types of marketing such as email campaigns, Google Ads, and anything else you can think of. Learning is always fun because you’ll get to see how those ads you’ve been seeing on Facebook reach you, specifically, and why they’re so well targeted.

Marketing does give you an inside view of a lot of things in the online world, and it’s something you can focus on depending on how much free time you have. Once you get a few clients, you’ll get to create marketing campaigns for them which may go on for a few days, or for a few months – it all depends on what the brands expect as a return.

If you’re a girl who not only wants a profitable side hustle, but also wants to expand her knowledge and get a different perspective into the online world, marketing is a great option. It’s all about dedicating enough time to learn and finding the right people to work with.