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By: Ricza Lopez (Buffalo State College)

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Greek Life is an essential and incentive part of college life to enhance the college experience. Not only do you develop a bond for life, you make a difference within the community that you are in to give back. This fraternity definitely gave back to the collegiate community as a form of their appreciaiton during their founders week.

On Thursday, March 18th, Beta Sigma Kappa Afro-Latino Fraternity, Inc. presented a program at Buffalo State College entitled “Hip-Hop vs. Religion”. The program facilitated by Brother Dishem Ramnath discussed the similarities between the two entities such as music, executive positions, popularity and literature to name a few. While the program presented interesting facts and viewpoints, it definitely sparked the curiosity of the people that came out.  One of the biggest questions that the people in attendance had to keep in mind was: Is Hip-Hop a Religion? As discussed in this program, we vibe our heads when we “feel” the music, we read the lyrics and the word, we choose what specific type of genre that we like (such as R&B, Gangsta Rap), we physically do not see the person behind the music such as the CEO and the messenger is the rappers to spread the word to its constituents. It opened up the eyes of the people that were part of this discussion and even clips of the video “Hip-Hop vs. Religion” were shown to further educate and provide insight.

Beta Sigma Kappa not only put the collegiate community on to something new but each individual took something out of that program that night. Overall, we are going to look at the Hip-Hop genre and religion in another light because of it. This program outlined Beta Sigma Kappa’s mission statement of “encouraging education as a means of knowledge to others”.

Exactly who is Beta Sigma Kappa? Beta Sigma Kappa Afro-Latino Fraternity Incorporated was founded at the University of Buffalo on March 16th, 1998 on principles of unification, brotherhood, professionalism and Education Deemed as the “Benevolent Brothers”, though only 12 years and 1 chapter old they are woking hard by doing community service, competing in stroll competitons ,and  providing innovative programming but most of all, continuing to grow. Besides their founders week that took place from March 15th to the 21st, they were recently recognized on Buffalo State’s campus as a Greek Organization-proof that this fraternity is making moves.

To learn more about Beta Sigma Kappa Afro-Latino Fraternity, Inc. visit their website at

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