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Big Boss Gets Fit: Cross Training for the Austin 10k Plus

By Tony Peralez (UTSA)

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So training for anything accomplishing and athletic is no small feat completed easily. In the past week my very good friend and fellow Campus Socialite, Ann Redus, featured an article on the Austin 10K Plus. It’s a fabulous 10k like no other.  With obstacles and other things making it more difficult, the “plus” is what grantees this course’s difficulty. So for those of you interested in signing up and completing in this lovely race you’ll need to train hard and explosively, and that’s where I come in.

So between now and May 23rd, I’ll be recommending some work outs and training exercise so not only can you guys have some ideas to sample from, but you’ll also be able to follow up on Ann and I’s progress. We plan on running the 10k as well!  If you aren’t in the best shape for it there’s no worries here. Anyone with any sort of athletic drive or motivation will have no problem being well prepared for this 10k with a little over a month to train for. You will need to take it seriously and stay motivated in the process. It won’t be the easiest thing you could ever do but it will definitely be worth the dedication.

Diet and rest are probably the most important factors in this situation when you consider all of the variables. You need the proper fuel and rest to allow your muscles to grow and to push through your athletic plateaus. The punishment you’ll be putting your body through will only be watered down and tapered with the proper recipe of recuperation.

Over the next 6 weeks I’ll be going over things like High Intensity Interval Training (HIITs), Crossfits, and Olympic Power Lifts. A combination of these conditioning work outs put together will create the perfect competitive beast! Plus, you’ll need to be in this ball park to compete with Ann and I because we’ll be trying our best to set the bar high.

For the first week take it easy but not too easy. Lay off of the beer, heavy carbs, and fried food. Develop a program of sprints and cardio influenced exercises in order to measure out where you are conditionally so that the following week you can conduct a workout to push through that threshold. Implement a jump rope with some abs, push ups, and pull ups in order to create muscle confusion and get that heart rate up, then jump straight into that jump rope for a minute solid, then rest for 60 seconds. Doing cross training like this will get your entire body involved and increase that heart rate as well as push your fat burning cells.

These are great exercises because the more muscles you get involved, the more your hormones release growth cells. When they do this not only do they repair muscle fibers and cause them to expand, but they also burn fat at a rested heart rate as well as an elevated one.

So keep reading and following along guys. If you’re interested, I’m going to help every single one of you get through this 10k and demolish it like you should! Next week I’ll map out a couple of Crossfit circuits so you can get a little more serious. Until then, hydrate and eat like you have a marathon the next day. You’re going to need it.

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