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by: Tony Peralez (UTSA)

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Hello friends. I have some news and updates from the music world this week that you will definitely want to take heed of. Big Boss has brought you the 5 must see shows of April in South Texas. You’re welcome. There are 6 amazing bands to be caught this month and I’ve felt it a personal duty to include you all on these musical wonders. I’ve featured these noteworthy shows in order from earliest to latest in a two part series. Now, let’s get on with this week’s 3: 

April 6th, 2010: Story of the Year in San Antonio at The White Rabbit

In a synergistic melting pot of punk, hardcore, and alternative, Story of the Year is bringing some loud sounds to San Antonio in a couple of weeks. I’ve caught these guys a couple of times at Warped Tour and they are amazing! They rock crowds with raw sounds that drive the soul through an attitudinal ambition committed to rise up against conformity. SOTY continues to write and produce music that favors the notion of living for ones own personal choices despite expectations and societal influences. Their writing easily captures their mantras and themes which pair so righteously with rigorous tones that’ll make you want to throw a chair through a department store window.

With their debut commercial album, Page Avenue (2003), SOTY reached a great success of 900,000 copies sold. It was a slow start, but after the release of their second single, “Until the Day I Die”, the St. Louis born band hit gold record status. Harder follow up albums included “In the Wake of Determination” (2005), and “The Black Swan” (2008). SOTY is on tour once more to promote their most recent album, “The Constant”, which was dropped just this past February 16th.

April 13th, 2010: The Temper Trap in Austin at Emo’s

Thanks to another great recommendation by my younger brother Adam, The Temper Trap has easily made it into my iTunes “Top 25 Played” playlist, and you don’t achieve this status without some serious playtime. The Temper Trap is a type of alternative rock that you don’t hear just anywhere. Starting in Australia in 2008, The Trap managed to gain momentum so quickly and played sold out shows in London, and at South by Southwest in 2009. After the release of their debut album, “Conditions” in June of ’09, The Temper Trap has been featured in sold out venues, award shows and international commercials across the board. Making their way back to Austin at a well known venue, The Temper Trap is a show not to be missed.

April 20th, 2010: Slightly Stoopid in Austin at Stubb’s (On 420!)

Now, unless you’ve been living in a cave or hiding under a rock you have to have heard of Slightly Stoopid. Resembling sounds of The Roots, Bob Marley, and some good ole brass punk, Slightly Stoopid is a prophet trailblazer. Starting in Ocean Beach, California in 1995, while still in high school, Slightly Stoopid signed to Sublime owned Skunk Records. Coming up in California in the mid 90’s, Slightly Stoopid inherited a strong punk influence that has since been mutated with strong hip hop features. Their resume is nothing to shake a finger at either. Stoopid’s discography spans an impressive 12 years and 9 albums long, which in any case can cover even the pickiest of music fans. It’s going to be a smoky and hazy Tuesday night in downtown Austin, so if you make it out try your best to remember it.

So that’s the first 3. I’ll be following up with my next column and the following 2 shows within the next week. I will be at said events hoping to see you there! You can follow me on my facebook as well as my Twitter, BigBossTP, to see where I am and what kind of beer you can buy me. Cheers.

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