by: Tony Peralez (UTSA)

First I will start off by saying thanks to Danny and Ann for getting me started with The Campus Socialite. It’s a great opportunity and I appreciate the channel for my voice to be heard.

So on to the good stuff. Every week I’ll be writing a column, and since I’m a diverse and changing individual, the column will be changing topic to fit what I have going on in life for the time being. To kick things off, I’ll be writing on live local music here in San Antonio.

Recently, I’ve decided that San Antonio has a less than okay music scene with a few gems in midst of the mediocrity. I’m an avid music fan with an affliction for live up-and-coming artists. I have tremendous respect and admiration for anyone that enjoys playing for the sheer pleasure of sharing their sound with others. I know for a fact I am not the only fan who takes this passion seriously. This being said, I’ll be writing with my fellow UTSA students and cohorts at the center of my intent

I attained this lovely addiction through my raising in the suburban area of Georgetown, just north of Austin, where live music was but a stone’s throw away. I always complained about Georgetown and how nothing was truly “there”, but one should be so lucky to live so close to a musical haven as Austin, Texas. I took advantage as often as I could and visited both popular venues with huge acts, as well as “hole-in-the-wall” venues, both of which provided a wide range of musical ecstasy that all music patrons should be blessed with.

(Stubbs, Austin, TX)

For the next few weeks I’ll be running this music series that my passion has given birth to. With a few friends, a few bucks, and a tank full of gas, I’ll be heading to areas around UTSA and San Antonio that provide the best liaisons for the locals and the sounds they crave. So stay tuned folks for some of the best venues, bars, music, and company this city has to offer us all. If they are out there, I will find them and you will know about it.

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