Ready To Leave College? Check out Billy and Adam’s “The Office” (Music Video)

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College is fucking awesome! That’s The Campus Socialite’s stance. The only thing bad about it is that you actually have to go to college, and that you actually have to leave. It’s the best 4 years of life, but just like any party: It eventually has to end and you probably ended up with some skank anyway. Contrary to popular belief, Michael Scott won’t be your boss in your new office. There won’t be any “that’s what she said” jokes or cute secretaries. It will just be the 9-5 grind. Don’t take it from me though, because this new video from rappers Billy and Adam explains everything. It’s a remix of the tune from The Office, complete with all the informative lyrics and graphics to show you how those 4 amazing years in college  will compare to your next 30. If nothing else, it’s fucking hysterical. Check it out Socialites! Try not to be too sad. Just have an extra beer tonight, just because you can.

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