By: Meredith Sparks

We’ve all had that morning where we wake up naked in bed, clothes strewn all over the place and we think, “What the f*ck happened last night?”  You probably threw up last night, which would explain why your undergarments are beside the toilet in your bathroom, and/or you think you might of hooked up with somebody last night, which is then confirmed by the hickey on your neck.  You blacked out from the 12 shots of passion fruit vodka, 2 cups of jungle juice and 8 beers you drank in a matter of 3 hours.  You have no clue what you did last night and you probably don’t want to know either.  But never fear; you aren’t alone.

The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines you as a binge drinker if you have consumed 5 drinks as a man or 4 drinks as a woman within 2 hours.  And according to certain studies, about 42% of college students engage in binge drinking at least once every two weeks.  And about half of all binge drinking college students black out when they do so, meaning that they forget what they did or where they went.  Studies have proven that female binge drinkers are three times more likely than their sober counterparts to engage in anal sex and five times more likely to contract STDs, specifically gonorrhea.  And it’s not just the girls that are participating in risky sex when they black out.  Male binge drinkers are 8 to 10 times more likely to transmit HIV to a woman than their sober buddies.

A lot of people binge drink to black out and it’s understandable.  Drinking frees your inhibitions and definitely encourages you to participate in activities that you would soberly slap yourself for doing.  And drunken sex might be sloppy, but you sure as hell will be a lot more experimental in the bedroom if you’ve been binge drinking.  Binge drinking is definitely unhealthy, but it’s somewhat of an American tradition for better or for worse.  So as long as you make sure to wrap it up, leave your car keys at home and not drink yourself into a coma, then drink your little heart out and get your freak on.  Frank Sinatra did say, “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.”  And who can deny Sinatra?

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