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In one of the most shocking moments for The Campus Socialite we discovered a new beer bong that you would only find at a Buffalo Bills game.

What you are looking at is a dummy of a black man taken from Dick’s Sporting Goods, with a black beer bong wrapped around the dummy with the hose coming out of the zipper of the black dummies jeans.  The creative ingenuity that goes into something like  this is mind blowing.  Then you can see Santa Claus pouring beer into the funnel and a white guy attempting to funnel the beer.  Which, as you can see from the image, he is performing terribly.  Swallow it dude, that’s a freaking party foul! Come on man, grow up.

In the second image you can see that he has tightened up his form as his hand is firmly gripping the shaft of the funnel and he doesn’t seem to be spilling even the slightest drip.  Based on what I can see from this photo I would assume he is from New Jersey because of  the slight fist pump displayng as he is sucking the cold beer down.


After all the hype from the show Jersey Shore dies down, the next TV show should be about 7 people, picked to live in a trailer, drink together, eat together, have their lives taped, and see what happens when people stop acting sober and start acting drunk. Real World Buffalo Bills Stadium Parking Lot!

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