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Blitz and Beatz Tour Invades University of Michigan

What happens when the two largest universities in Michigan clash during one of the largest rivalries in college sports? The Campus Socialite comes into town to produce a bad ass concert and sponsors one of the craziest tailgates in Ann Arbor. It’s stop number three on Blitz and Beatz Tour and University of Michigan was impressive to say the least. Powerhouse tailgates, smoking hot chicks basking in the 70 degree plus temperatures, a football stadium boasting 114,000+ fans, and an epic concert to round out the weekend were just a few of the highlights that need to be shared with the rest of the college nation.

We flew into Detroit on Thursday afternoon, and thankfully, Mother Nature decided to cooperate. We’ve had some pretty rough travel conditions on the tour thus far, so flying without that uneasy feeling in the stomach during turbulent conditions was a breath of fresh air. Upon checking into our hotel a few blocks from campus, we decided to check out the town of Ann Arbor. If you’ve never been, it’s definitely a place you should travel to. It’s a gorgeous college town with a ton of class. Great restaurants and upscale stores are intertwined with rowdy college bars and traditional college eateries that have stood the test of time. There was an aura in the air that can only be defined that a huge rivalry game was on the brink. Students were decked out in Maze and Blue, and the talk of the town was about one thing only: college football.

We hit up Potbelly’s for lunch, a popular college sandwich establishment which we’ve run into at other Big 10 schools. It was conveniently located a few blocks from campus which was our next destination to hype up the Super Mash Bros. concert, and talk to some students about the game that was on the horizon. The students were all amped up, and did a lot of trash talking about their green Spartan rivals. A group of students set up camp 24 hours per day in the several days leading up to the game protecting a Maze-colored “M” in the center of campus. Their sole job was to prevent potential Michigan State attackers from painting the “M” green. (They succeeded)

After watching the Yankees close out the series against the Twins at Buffalo Wild Wings, we stormed into “Scorekeepers” or “Skeeps” as students call the popular bar which was packed since we arrived. I don’t know what’s in the water at Michigan, but the ladies were certainly sexy, trashed, and DTF! For further details guys, feel free to send me a Facebook message, but Ann Arbor is certainly no place for a girlfriend (or boyfriend for you single ladies out there). $1 Long Island Iced Teas were certainly the drink of choice for most that night. Naturally, us Campus Socialites stuck to Jack Daniels, our preferred drink of choice. The post bar celebrations were at NYPD, the home of the famous Chicken Ziti Roll. Think chicken parmigiana meets baked ziti in a calzone. The picture below should tell a thousand words.

Waking up Friday was a disaster zone. After the shit show at the bars the night before, we needed a hangover remedy and we needed it fast! We went to the world famous, and world famous is an understatement “Zingermans”. You know you’ve got something going for you when you’ve been open since 1982, Robert Deniro and Carlos Santana waited on a line two weeks prior to our arrival, and Iron Chef Mario Batali has a quote on the menu. These guys do over 80 million dollars per year in sales, and it’s safe to say Zingerman’s is the best deli at any college campus the Campus Socialite has ever covered. (We have a separate article specifically on Zingerman’s coming out later today)

We went to Goodtime Charley’s on Friday afternoon for a little day-drinking, and there were alumni intermingled with some State fans throughout the outdoor area. Our favorite rising star in the R&B world, G. Curtis flew in on Friday night to enjoy some of the fun, as he met us out for our Sushi Dinner. Friday evening was much like Thursday for us, but for many students, they seemed more interested in getting ready for their 8:00 AM tailgate parties. The bars were a little less crowded, except for Rick’s which created a 40,000 person line filled up by mostly alumni looking to get away from the under 21 crowd. We decided to head back to “Skeeps” for some drinking to show G. Curtis a little bit of what Michigan bar-life is all about.

The full day on Saturday was the single craziest day on the tour to date, and is likely in my top 10 craziest days of my life. We branded the AEPi tailgate party, and below was the scene when we arrived…at 8:30 AM!! The music was loud, the ice luges were flowing, kegs were constantly being replaced, and the lawn of the house was covered with students in Maze in preparation for the “Maze-out” game at 3:30 PM. I had never seen a tailgate like such at any other school, and there were at least five other parties just like this one on Hill Street alone! The town was loud; the cops were all over the place handing out noise violations, though no one seemed to care. The music got louder, the students got more rowdy, and come game time, the 114,000+ people at “The Big House” were unprepared for what turned out to be a tragic beat down that Michigan State provided the Michigan faithful. For 900 lucky students, they were about to be treated to an EPIC concert in a few short hours.

After the game, we went to “Vintage”, a new venue just off campus, to check out how production was going for the concert. The stage was set, the lights were ready, and Super Mash Bros., G. Curtis, and myself, were ready to blow the glass windows out that spanned the perimeter walls of the venue. The show sold out, and the crowd was eager to get things going. After starting off the show with my usual loud, slightly obnoxious, pump up the crowd antics, I decided to play one of my throwback songs for a few old friends I had in the audience, “Your Sister Has Herpes…She Gave ‘em To Me”. Other than a few mortified looks on some young ladies faces, it got the the crowd jacked up for an unbelievable G. Curtis performance. The entire venue was going crazy as G did what he does best; sing and perform. If you haven’t seen G. Curtis in concert, you are certainly missing out, as he is already my pick of breakout artist of 2011. There was never a dull moment, as once G. got off the stage, I made sure to keep the frenzy going, as you could sense the anticipation that filled the air from eager crowd ready to see the Super Mash Bros. performance. From the second they hit the stage, they had the crowd going crazy with their creative mashups perfectly synced with stellar videos. These three LA-based mashup artists are performers, as their set consists of witty humor, sick dance moves thanks to Dick, and the distribution of a few dozen roses to the lovely ladies in the audience. They work the crowd, and keep them dancing, jumping, and singing from start to finish. Their performance is certainly an innovative experience!

We somehow managed to keep our own energy alive by hitting the town for one last night, as we partied the night away with our Co-Producers and some other people who made the show happen. We didn’t want to leave Michigan, but unfortunately, pre-existing plane tickets were calling our names. The entire weekend was more than a success, as the Blitz and Beatz tour continues to conquer some of the greatest schools in the nation. Michigan more than exceeded our expectations, and we can’t wait to head back to Ann Arbor in the spring! I haven’t slept in a week, so the two days we have off will be a treat as we bring the tour to West Virginia University on Thursday night! PS: Whoever stole the Blitz and Beatz Banner from the stage on Friday night, very impressive, stealth-like work! I legitimately applaud you and hope you cherish it for the rest of your college experience.

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