maryland tailgate

This past weekend’s installment of Blitz & Beatz 2011 brought the party to University of Maryland, one of the biggest Football schools in the country. Emerging NYC rap group, Par City performed for a crowd of thousands of students that got going at 9 AM and kept partying well after kick-off. Maryland might have lost to West Virginia by a measly 6 points, but I doubt our tailgaters noticed either way.

maryland tailgate

University of Maryland has one of the largest Greek populations in the country, and their legendary Fraternity Row is where all the celebration took place. The Campus Socialite teamed up with some of the largest Fraternities and Sororities at Maryland to throw the best tailgate party possible. The Wisconsin Tailgate was a major success and we needed to match it. Consider that challenge met.

The event was sponsored by Campus Food, Tagwhat, Dicks Cotton, and Xtreme Trips. Campus Food, the nation’s largest college ordering service, gave away promotional coupons to all students in attendance. Dicks Cotton was also showering students with free shit, giving away their unique shades, featured on Jersey Shore and the all the coolest dudes you know. Tagwhat was there to show people their revolutionary app and how it can show you every cool and interesting spot on your campus. Xtreme trips held a raffle to give one student a free Spring Break trip to be used this year. Every student in attendance automatically qualified.

maryland tailgate

All in all, the Tailgate was just as epic as you could expect any Campus Socialite sponsored event to be. It seemed like the whole school stopped by for Blitz & Beatz and even though the Football started, the party never stopped. Fraternity brothers, Sorority sisters and any other kid on campus who knows what’s what was in attendance and Par City put on the performance of their lives. If you go to a Blitz & Beatz school, get your tickets now because the events are gonna get bigger and bigger.

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