Body of The Year Goes To…Helen Mirren?!? Men Don’t Approve

helen mirren

That’s right Socialites. LA Fitness interviewed 2,200 correspondants about which woman had the best body and the winner was 66 year old Helen Mirren. Don’t get us wrong, for 66 Helen Mirrin looks damn good, and we’re sure 20 years ago we would have bent her over in a heart beat. But Helen Mirren for best body of 2011? This is further proof Socialites, that you can’t ask women about other women.

Helen Mirren  not only won the competition, she won it with a force, getting 17.65% of the vote. Once again, we are sure she was hot at one point, but this is ridiculous. You know how sometimes your girl friend tells you that she wants to set you up with one of her girl friends and “She’s soooo pretty.” She walks in the door later that night and aside from a nice outfit and hair, you wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole. Well picture your girl friend’s horrible taste in women and multiply it by 2,200 LA Fitness Fanatitcs. What do you get? A 66 year old woman voted hottest body in the world.

kate and pippa middleton

The rest of the list? Elle MAcpherson, Jennifer Lopez, Cheryl Cole, and Kate Winslet all made the top 10 and all have extremely hot bodies…circa 1990. All of them could still get it, but when you’re talking about hottest bodies in the world, it would help to have someone under the age of 40. Kelly Brook came in at a well-deserved #3. Super hot and super royal Pippa Middleton came in at #8, which isn’t completely undeserved, but probably just a result of US Weekly chemically seeping into women’s brains. Mylene Klass at #6, sure. Holly Willoughby at #7, Eh. Nicole Scherzinger at #10, yeah sounds about right. And that rounds out the Top 10. Underwhelming at best.

kate upton

Let’s talk about ovesights for a second. No Brooklyn Decker? No Rosie Huntington Whiteley? No Kim Kardashian. For God’s Sake, No Kate Upton? The fact that Helen Mirren and Cheryl Cole made the top 5, let alone the top 10, over any of the girls I just mentioned robs this poll of any of it’s credibility. Click on any of their names and I think you’ll agree. So what does it mean? I’ve been saying it for years. You cannot ask women about women, much less those who qualify as LA Fitness Correspondants. Best body doesn’t mean other girls think you look good in your bathing suit and it sure as hell doesn’t mean your a cute old lady who looks good for her age. It means you have a body that guys want to see naked. Sorry girls, try again.

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