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Let’s face it, booking a party night in New York City can be as daunting a task as staying awake during a three-hour lecture on organic chemistry.  Putting together a guest list, finding the right venue and time, negotiating drink deals and dress codes with management types, and, most importantly, getting the word out about your event are all exhausting challenges and likely will leave you with only a headache and a lame night you’ll want to forget.  Fortunately for partygoers, full service event planning is provided free of charge by  It is a great convenience that will remove the hassle from organizing your next big night out in Manhattan and let you take a huge bite out of The Big Apple nightlife.

If you’re anything like me, you’d rather sit through a Kenny G’s Greatest Hits concert then plan a big city party.  Just think of all the obstacles – shady promoters who promise to give you the “insider’s deal” but who only want your money, bouncers whose biceps measure greater than their IQs, and club managers who use more hair gel than “Jersey Shore’s” own Pauly D.  Why not avoid all that nonsense and just put your event in the trustworthy hands of

Founded in 2001, is experienced in planning all kinds of parties and events. From birthday parties and other special occasions to corporate events and fundraisers, does it all.  The venues they work with undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure that all of their clients’ wants and needs are met for any occasion.  Utilizing the expertise of experienced professionals, is NYC’s leader in event planning.

By forging relationships with Manhattan’s most renowned venues and vendors, is capable of providing clients with a variety of options and benefits to enhance their evening.  Some of these benefits include VIP treatment, the assistance of your own event specialists, a complimentary bottle of champagne or liquor, and no cover charge or waiting on long lines in the bitter cold.

So why keep stressing over a night out that is intended to be fun and exciting?  There are too many other problems to be worried about like global warming, the Loch Ness Monster, and the increasing popularity of dudes in skinny jeans.  Rather than concerning yourself with all the potential pitfalls of putting together a successful party, do yourself a favor and check out  Put your mind at ease knowing that they’ll handle all of the logistics and you can book your party in a New York minute.

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