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By: Paige Vigil (University of Minnesota)

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Let’s be honest with ourselves…we’d like to think we all have high paced careers, but the fact of the matter is,we spend most our days scratching out our eyes while staring at Facebook and patiently awaiting a notification. Well scratch no more little kittens; I have a cure for you. I have spent many hours sitting behind a computer monitor staring at the never changing Facebook page. These long hours I have plugged in have ultimately guided me to other pages, which I thought I’d impart on you. If you are going to stare at a monitor all day, you may as well sprinkle in some other pages to your daily mix. Trust me, they’re worth the read!

1.) Thechive brings me some major daily laughs. The website is all pictures, so it doesn’t require much brain activity, which is good during the middle of the day when boredom ensues. Pictures, like the one below, are what you can expect to find on thechive.

2.) This site is full of silly exam answers people have wrote on tests. I have wasted hours on this site, giggling through photos taken of tests. Some of the answers are downright ingenious, while others are so stupid, you can’t help but wonder how far the student has his or her head up their @$$.

3.) Does this website really need any introduction? Just don’t forget about it.

4.) Similar to The Campus Socialite, this site is full of funny articles about life, love, sex and fashion.

5.) This site is full of funny, shameful photographs that have been snapped of people. It isn’t kind to revel in others’ shame, but it sure is funny. See picture below for reference. Notice Seacrest attempting to high five a blind Idol contestant.

6.) Go ahead, catch up on your celebrity gossip. Perez adds a little flavor to it by adding in profanities and humor.

7.) Not only does this little game help aid boredom, it also helps your brain. Food for thought anyone?

8.) This website is full of pee your pants, funny, celebrity videos. Just don’t get caught with your headphones in!

9.) Who can resist that fun little yellow blob? I have beaten so many levels in Pacman, I almost became a vegetable. Possible? Probably not…but it sure as hell felt like it.

10.) A guilty pleasure of mine is reading quotes from people I look up to and consider to be more wise than myself. On brainyquote, I can find quotes by almost anyone I’d like!

11.) This is my BEST kept secret and I am sharing it with you, dear socialites. This website has a LARGE assortment of full movies you can watch online. The other day, I watched Toy Story 3, and I watched The Bounty Hunter on this site. Glorious!

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