Bounce Music Festival 2012 Flyer: DJs Still A Mystery


bounce flyer

Xtreme Trips, #1 in Spring Break and the only college trip company to team up with Bounce Music Festival to bring you one of the biggest music events of the year: Bounce Music Festival 2012. If history is any indication, Bounce Music Festival, beginning March 3rd 2012 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is going to feature some of the biggest music acts in the world, turning Puerto Vallarta into one city-sized party for the entire month of March. Don’t expect it to take any breaks either. The only thing we don’t know however, is who these biggest music acts in the world are going to be.

Bounce Music Festival and Xtreme Trips are keeping the DJ list hush hush. We can’t even give you the names of the openers and our logo is on the flyer! Trust me, we’d tell you if we knew. That’s how much trust we have in this festival though, because If they decided to keep the DJs under wraps just 3 months before showtime, it’s for one reason and one reason only: the list is just that epic. From the openers, to the mid-levels, to the headliners, mark our words, every DJ is going to be huge.  If you look at the flyer, every DJ is represented by a different silhouette. Are these the actual shadows? Who knows. Wouldn’t count on it though. Looks like  Xtreme Trips and Bounce Music Festival just want to make us sweat. It’s working.

Only Xtreme Trips travelers will be able to attend the show, making this is the most exclusive Spring Break party package out there. It’s almost sold out, so to be a part of the madness, you need to sign up with Xtreme Trips today. Tomorrow if you’re lucky. No other Spring Break company is throwing a party like this, so to book your trip, contact Sales Manager Jared Sarney ( and get ready to rage. See you there.


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