Boxing Day: The 20 Hottest Boxing (Day) Ring Girls

The last thing I want is to give the impression that  Boxing Day has virtually anything to do with the sport of Boxing. It doesn’t. It comes from some tradition of people in the UK giving boxes with gifts to their servants, and that’s about all I can derive from the first paragraph of the Wikipedia page. None the less, with nobody at work today besides The Campus Socialite (hustle) it’s prime time for a Monday Gallery and I needed a theme. I don’t think you’ll blame me considering some of the hottest, most wood-worthy models in the world get paid exorbitant amounts of cash to walk across a Boxing ring holding a big card.

We call them Ring Girls, and they make those breaks in the action more than bearable, sometimes even more interesting than the fight itself. Depending on the girl. That’s why we’re bringing you the 20 Hottest in the World, UFC girls included, in gallery form. We even included their names in case you wanted to do a little off-day “research.” Happy trails, a virtually un-tapped reservoir of Google images awaits you.


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