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By: Chhaya Néné (University of Miami)

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Have you ever been thirsty in the morning but realized you also need to eat something? Why not combine both needs into one? Try this simple recipe and you’ll be set for an easy breakfast smoothie!


1 Blender

1 Knife

1 Cutting Board


1 Carton of Fresh Strawberries

2 Bananas

2 Scoops Vanilla Yogurt or Ice Cream

2 Tablespoons Honey


1) Wash your strawberries

2) Cut the tops off the strawberries, place them into the blender

3) Peel the bananas and place them into the blender

4) Add your yogurt or ice cream

5) Add your honey

6) Blend

And that’s it folks! Very simple, very easy… Now if you prefer your smoothie sweeter add honey to taste, and you’re set! Enjoy breakfast!

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