Britney Spears “Till The World Ends” Video


If you checked out my ‘Femme Fatale’ Britney gallery, then you already know how I feel about the fiery pop vixen. Spears is finally getting the comeback she deserves, and despite having popped out two little brats, the singer/dancer looks just as sexy as ever. You want proof? How about Britney’s new video for “Till the World Ends,” which features the popstar dancing (in place, unfortunately) in a post apocalyptic sewer world that’s very reminiscent of the opening scene from Blade. Fuckin’ A. The video must have had a massive budget, because there’s not only awesome set design and copious amounts of backup dancers (hopefully Britney doesn’t marry one of them), but computer graphics that are unheard of for a music video. Check it out after the jump.

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