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School’s pretty much over for most of us right now, and finally we have weather that feels like summer. But last week when it was still freezing outside, I watched the movie The Bucket List with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson for the first time. A few days later, The Campus Socialite Headquarters retweeted a CBS link about the only college bucket list you’ll ever need.

That list the people at CBS gave us was actually pretty good. I’d probably only change a couple of things based on where you go to school and what’s tradition and important there.

But anyway, after watching the movie, reading what CBS considers the top must-do things in college to be and being told the world was going to end today, I decided to make a bucket list for us soon-to-be/recent graduates, for before we hit the real world road hard. You know, for us to enjoy this summer as a last one connected to our college lives.

Here’s what I came up with:

1. Meet up with a college friend in a city neither of you have ever been to before.

2. Grab a beer at a bar with your dad (if you’re a guy) and ladies go out for cocktails with your mom.

3. Schedule regular trips to the beach.

4. Go on at least one more family vacation.

5. Show your high school ex that you’ve been avoiding for the past four years that you really don’t care anymore that they’ve seen you naked.

6. Egg somebody’s house because you’re still on the verge of immature childhood.

7. Keep Sundays lazy: sleep late, stay in your pajamas and get nothing productive ever done.

8. For every business outfit you buy, buy a casual or fun one too.

9. Redecorate and update your bedroom out of its middle school stage – even if you’re only living home for a year or so.

10. Do everything you can to keep the individuality you had in college, but appreciate and accept all of the things your parents will do for you (financially, for example) now that you’re home.

11. Start looking for a job that not only pays well, but that you will love waking up for every day.

12. Have a house party college-style at home.

13. Visit your old high school, and while you’re there, maybe break and old rule or two.

14. Attend as many outdoor concert tailgates as possible.

15. Attend as many baseball games as possible and indulge in beers and hot dogs at each and every game..

16. Go on one extravagant road trip.

17. Try to complete one of Adam Richman’s Man v. Food challenges.

18. Do something creative with all of the pictures you took in college of nights you can’t remember.

19. Rent a house on the Shore for a weekend and party like you’re still in college.

20. Lay on a raft in a pool for hours without anything thinking of important you may have to do.

21. Go on a real date – dinner and movie, maybe, or mini-golfing and ice cream – with somebody you’ve had a crush on for a long time now.

22. Get lost in Manhattan and take the last train home possible.

23. Go to a nude beach (Robert Moses on Long Island has a nude section)

24. Take a different type of exercise class and keep up your summer body.

25. Lounge outside enough to get tan lines.

26. Make money in a way you never had before (dog walking, Coors Light promoter)

27. Visit a brewery or go to a vineyard and make your own wine.

28. Read a good book for leisure.

29. Spend a night doing something you normally wouldn’t do (for example, watch a documentary eating sushi).

30. Go to an amusement park and ride every roller coaster at least once.

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