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Buffalo State College: This is How to Piss Your Students Off

By: Ricza Lopez (Buffalo State College)

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It’s that time of the year at Buff State and the students are off to the races to see who can live in the best and convenient dorm. Those who are upperclassmen and the veterans here at the college know that such a task is daunting and stressful. The biggest controversy at hand now is the new online system to live in Moore Complex for the academic year.

For those of you who are either attending BSC or are from different universities around the nation, let me familiarize you with Buffalo State College’s Moore Complex. It is an apartment style dorm that consists of two single rooms and a shared room for two people apartments, three single room apartment, or two room apartments.  To live in Moore Complex you must have one of following qualifications: you must be at junior level standing or higher (57 credits or more), must have lived on campus for four or more semesters or must be of 21 years of age or higher. The only exception is Family College in which your dependent child must live with you.

The Residence Life Office decided to go about attempting to live in Moore through this new online method. It can be safe to assume that the reason this initiative was being taken is because of all the drama and arguments that take place just to live in Moore when the time came for room selection.

The room selections to live in Moore Complex took place the week before break and officially ended this week. Let’s just say that there are students who are beyond angry with the way that the Residence Life Office went about this method. There are claims from students that for one, they were not aware that there was a new room selection system for Moore Complex. Second, those who knew weren’t aware of due dates as to when the proper protocol and documents were due. The next question at hand is, if a majority of the upperclassmen were not aware of the factors just presented, who on earth managed to get into Moore Complex? Freshman and Sophomores? Super Seniors? Graduate Students?

When I spoke to the Residence Life Office yesterday afternoon to one of their student employees, the female basically explained that every resident hall had mandatory meetings to explain this new process (first lie because Tower 3 did NOT hold floor meetings to explain this new process). The next thing I was told is that if the student didn’t know about it, it was their own fault (how is it their fault if they weren’t aware of this whole thing in the first place?). The last thing I was told was that if there was any problem, to contact either the Resident Director, or Complex Director. I thought that the Residence Life Office was all about making sure that the dorm experience for students residing on campus was like a home away from home. But from what it’s looking like, it’s looking like a swindle type of thing as we say on Twitter. This is because of the simple fact that we as collegiate students, do not know what is taking place behind those closed doors. All that can be said is that this online method for applying to Moore Complex was the most ineffective method for room selection up to date. As far as if this is going to be done next year, who knows? We will just have to wait and see. Until then, let’s continue on this race.

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