Buzz-Shot: Spicing Up America’s Favorite Drinking Pastime One Card At A Time

For three semesters of my college career, I lived in a fraternity house that would make most soup kitchens look like Buckingham Palace.  The walls had more holes in them than 50 Cent and the floors were stickier than a second grader’s face following a Fun Dip binge.  Why, you may ask, was the frat house so decrepit?  The answer may not be as predictable as you think.  Our beloved home wasn’t decaying just because of years of abuse from pudding wrestling parties, keg tosses and the physical and emotional beat down of initiates – it also took a great deal of punishment from beer pong related incidents.  You see, beer pong is undoubtedly the preferred drinking sport among college audiences far and wide, however it tends to get extremely competitive and when emotions run high, things can get ugly.  I cannot begin to remember how many times I saw a member of the losing pong squad violently throw his fist into our house’s paper-thin walls or just dump his stale beer onto the floor in a fit of rage.  Childish? Yes.  Stupid? Yes.  In order to preserve fraternity houses and maintain the sanity of beer pong players everywhere, there has to be a way to improve the game – right?  The young, college-oriented minds at Buzz-Shot have infused a new wrinkle into the already phenomenal game of beer pong and students nationwide are grateful for their contribution to the party scene.

I try not to pat myself on the back too often, but when it came to beer pong on the college level let’s just say I was a man among boys.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I loved to partner up with a friend of mine and just lay the smack down on two jabronis who had no business playing on the same table as us, however it would have been a lot more fun for both sides if the level of competition was raised.  Conventional beer pong just wasn’t hacking it anymore – my partner and I were either too talented or too smart for our enemies.  When they looked away from the table for a split second, I would bounce it into their cup; when they kept their drinking cups unguarded, my partner would snipe them and end the game in an instant – it was child’s play.  I’d say that by the time I graduated and passed the pong torch to my younger fraternal brethren, I was boasting about an .850 win percentage on the house table and my only losses came from when I was playing impaired enough to make love to an elephant woman if she gave me the opportunity.

Fast forward to the present day and I am delighted to see that one trailblazing company has decided that they have had enough of these unbeatable beer pong dynasties and it is time to level the playing field.  Of course, I am referring to Buzz-Shot, and their groundbreaking idea to integrate card games into the world of beer pong and turn the campus drinking universe upside down.  Elevating drinking games to new heights, Buzz-Shot has developed a card game with easy to follow instructions on how each beer pong player’s shot will be taken.  Typical house rules will still apply, however a player will now flip over a Buzz-Shot card prior to their turn and perform the shot as instructed.

There are few worse feelings than waiting hours to get onto a crowded beer pong table only to lose within the first few minutes of the game – losses like these crush the soul.  Buzz-Shot will prevent you from getting the early exit and keep the table from being dominated by the same bullies every game.  At this point, you might be asking yourself: how in the world is a card game going to improve my chances of becoming beer pong royalty?  By adding some wacky conditions like “shoot with your opposite hand,” “take a high arc shot,” “have a special guest take your shot,” “shoot while sitting down,” and “lose a turn,” any amateur David can topple a pong Goliath.

In addition to changing the rules of beer pong, Buzz-Shot is shaking up the whole college party dynamic by uniting students under one common goal – drinking (responsibly) together in a fun environment.  Think of all the potential scenarios… guys can pair up with girls who would typically avoid the beer pong table, but now welcome a chance to play with Buzz-Shot’s entertaining new ripples.  Mystery participants also can take a guest shot and swing the momentum of the game.  The little guy can actually win for once!  Nothing is out of the realm of possibility with Buzz-Shot, so pick up your deck now at

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