BuzzWorthy: 5 Drinks for Those Who Like a Little HEAT

hot habanero

Yesterday, the Campus Socialite brought you 20 awesome videos of Ghost Pepper (the spiciest pepper known to man) madness. I decided to continue with that theme in today’s BuzzWorthy. Whether it be Wing Night, or lunch at the local Thai place, real men can handle a little bit of Heat. It just makes everything a little more interesting, and if you’re a veteran, the burn can actually be a little addicting. So here’s the question: if we like a little Heat in our food, why not in our alcohol as well? These drinks might not all send you running for the water fountain (assuming you have some balls) but they’ll give you a much needed kick and maybe even clear up your sinuses. Check out 5 Drinks with a little Heat, right below.

 The Tabasco Michelada (Mild)


Americans aren’t really into mixing their beer, unless it’s with other Beer or maybe even with some Liquor. The Michelada – traditionally done with mexican beer, tomato juice, lime juice, and Worchester – might seem a little strange but it’s been a Mexican tradition for years. It’s good enough with Tomato Juice, but if you’re looking to spice up a bland meal, order it with Tabasco instead. Any Hot Sauce is fine really, just preferably something tomato based. Use Corona, and serve in a salted-rim glass. Olay!

Jalapeno Margarita (Medium)

jalapeno margaritas

You’re not gonna find this one at many bars, so it’s more of party pitcher type drink. No problem though, because it will put a nice little spin on your everyday backyard Margarita, without the embarrassment of making it pink. Take a Jalapeno and slice it really thin. Then mix the Jalapeno with 6 ounces Lime Juice, a little celery, and a spoonful of confectioner’s sugar in a blender. Take the blended mixture and mix it with 16 ounces of Tequila and 8 ounces of Cointreau. Best Part: it looks like a regular old Margarita. Offer a glass to your friend that eats his Buffalo Wings mild, and watch and laugh.

The 300 Spartans (Hot)

300 spartans

This Is Spartaaaaaaaa! Ok, now that I got that out of my system, on to the 300 Spartans. Anything with Jagermeister is sure to be an instant college favorite and this one can be done at a bar, provided they have some Tabasco Sauce on hand. The recipe isn’t simple but no more complicated than a Long Island Iced Tea: 1/2 oz Jager, 1 oz Captain Morgan, 1/2 oz Gold Tequila, 6 oz Tomato Juice, and a teaspoon of Tabasco Sauce. This one not only has a kick but a shit load of liquor too, always a plus in my book. Be warned however: it’s gonna hurt like Hell coming up.

The Zhivago’s Revenge (Flaming)


For anyone who’s seen the 1965 film, Dr. Zhivago, this one will make a lot of sense. Just kidding, I have no idea what this has to do with the movie, but it is a good movie, and any drink named after it  has to be good as well. I’ve been going light on you guys so far and now it’s time to get into the real heavy hitters. The Zhivago’s Revenge is simple: 1/2 oz of Goldschlagger, 1/2 oz of Absolut Peppar and 5 drops of Tabasco Sauce. 2 things that kinda burn, and 1 thing that really burns all in one glass. Can you handle it? Sure you can. Just wait and see what’s up next.

Habanero Infused Vodka (Hell Fire)

habaneros vodka

If you order the sauce they only serve by the tablespoon with your wings, and you eat Indian food like it’s frozen yogurt, then you probably just smiled and laughed at all the above recipes. Congratulations dude, you’re a greater man than I. But now it’s time to take you down. Manufactured Pepper Vodka starting to get boring? Try this on for size. Take 4 Habanero Peppers and slice them in half (make sure you are wearing gloves because these things will turn your blood into pepper sauce). Then throw them in a large mason jar with an entire bottle of Vodka. After 3-5 days of infusion, that Vodka is going to burn through your counter top (not really but that would be pretty sick). Make a Martini out of it, or mix it with some Sprite. Better yet, do some shots. If you really like spicy, or just really wanna prank your friends, this Vodka will do the trick. Habaneros might not be the spiciest pepper on the market, but if this Vodka doesn’t kick your ass, then i’m out of ideas. Actually, do the same thing with Ghost Chiles. Just make sure you’re less than 5 miles from a hospital and you didn’t hear it here.

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