Buzzworthy: 5 Recipes Better Than Your Average Jello Shot


Jello Shots: easy right? Some cheap shit Vodka, some jello, the right proportions, mix it all up and refrigerate. Have we taught you nothing? How many dixie cups of full of solid rubbing alcohol tinted grape do you have to drink before boredom starts to set in? I know the point is not to taste it, but you could end up being pleasantly surprised. Time to get creative.

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Alabama Slammer Jello Shots

orange jello shot

One of the manliest cocktails with two or more ingredients in existence…in jello shot form. Use 1 package of Lemon Jello, 1/3 cup of Amaretto, 1/3 cup of Sloe Gin, and 1/4 a cup of Southern Comfort. Sweet Home Alabama!

Brass Monkey Jello Shots

beastie boys

Like the Beastie Boys song. Who are the Beastie Boys? Forget I mentioned it.  1 box of Orange Jello, 1/4 cup Vodka, and a 1/4 cup Rum. Basically you’re just adding Rum, but hey, that’s a whole lot of alcohol packed into one sugary punch.

Gentle Ben Jello Shots

various liquors

The Jello Shot equivalent of a Long Island Iced Tea, specifically the rainbow of liquor all coming together for one smooth, homogenous concoction. Take 1 box of Orange Jello and mix in 1/4 cup Vodka, 1/4 cup Gin, and a 1/4 cup Rum. Enough alcohol for you? Add some Whiskey if you’re feeling like a party.

Lethal Injection Jello Shots


It’s honestly not as bad as it sounds. More tropical than anything else, so I have no idea why they decided to call this one a Lethal Injection. It does contain a pretty wide liquor and liqueur mix, but isn’t that redundant at this point. Anyway, it uses one package of Pineapple jello and one package of Orange. Then mix in 1/2 cup of Amaretto, 1/2 cup Coconut Rum, 1/2 cup Dark Rum, and a 1/2 cup Captain Morgan. The original recipe called for 1/4 cups, but with two boxes of jello, you aren’t getting away that easy.

Devil’s Spit Jello Shot

bacardi 151

It may be the girls that usually make the Jello Shots, but this one is strictly for the men in the room. You’ll understand why. First ingredient: 1 package of Knox Gelatin. Scentless and un-flavored so there’s no masking the burn with this one. Next: a 1/2 cup of Goldschlager. Little cinnamon burn but that’s not so bad, right? Then, get ready to top it off with 1/4 cup of Bacardi 151. Yeah, try taking that shit down without a wince. Take 5 and you’ll be chasing it with your tile floor. How’s that for a Jello Shot, dudes?

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