Cablevision and Time Warner Hop On The HBO Go Wagon, Finally


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Every TV and movie addict who has resorted to actually reading on his iPhone out of boredom’s life just got a little bit easier. HBO Go, the service that allows you to stream HBO On Demand (and more) to a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, will now be offered by Cablevision and Time Warner, allowing the New York Metropolitan area to never have to do anything productive in transit or waiting at a doctor’s office again. The magazine and news industry is sure to plummet even more.


HBO Go is HBO’s answer to a user base that is now devoting all it’s time to streaming Netflix and Hulu when they don’t happen to be sitting in front of a TV set. TV (couch and snacks assumed) will always be the most comfortable method of viewing, but in this day and age, and if you’re willing to pay the subscription fees, there really shouldn’t be anything that you absolutely need a TV for. That’s some caveman shit. Everything mobile, everywhere, at all times. If your company doesn’t offer this, you’re doing it wrong.

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DirecTV and Comcast jumped on the bandwagon what seems like years ago. It was actually only within the last year though, so we can’t fault Cablevison and Time Warner too much. We’re just happy they finally came to their senses. The deal will also allow Cinemax films and shows. Perfect for those softcore porn cravings when you’re on the go. Either way, they came to their senses eventually and that’s all that counts. I’m just looking forward to sitting on the train and watching The Wire while everyone else reads US Weekly. Suckers.

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