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Campus Ambassador Program

Each participating member of Campus Socialite Media has a personal stake in the progression and expansion of our company through the Campus Ambassador program. The role of Campus Ambassador encompasses a wide array of responsibilities that demand a student to develop a strong management style and knowledge of what their peers find appealing and wish to interact with throughout their college years. There are several qualities that define a possible candidate for Campus Ambassador: effective time management, ability to take direction and constructive criticism, creativity, efficient communication, sound organizational skills, forward thinking, trendsetting, a positive attitude, and adaptibility to new ways of thinking number among those most important to the position. Three separate job functions are available to a Campus Ambassador: Campus Socialite Marketing Manager, Campus Socialite Events Coordinator, and Campus Socialite Blogger.

Campus Events Coordinator

Campus Socialite events are the ideal forum for showcasing brands, and the most direct avenue to connect students to the products and services that help define their social and educational experiences throughout their college years. Therefore, Events Coordinators are expected to collect research on campus trends that characterize the student lifestyle and the types of events and venues that their peers will be drawn to throughout the school year. They will also function as localized representatives of Campus Socialite Media and interact directly with venue managers to develop a rapport and establish a schedule of events at their location, including college-themed entertainment, headlining musical and comedic acts, as well as hosts to introduce the talent and engage audiences. Campus Socialite Media is seeking out those who are outgoing, can utilize the power of social networking, are able to think outside the box, and have a passion to infuse entertainment into the student experience.

Campus Blogger, the blog element of Campus Socialite Media, is a multi-faceted tool that is utilized as the voice of the brand, a promotional outlet, and a revenue driver for the company. The writing team is responsible for the continued maintenance of this image through the consistency and reliability of their posts. Campus Socialite Bloggers are also responsible for promotion of not only their own articles, but those of their peers as well. Therefore, writers are encouraged to enhance their social media presence and familiarize themselves with some of the networks that The Campus Socialite utilizes to increase web exposure in order to build their own brand, their fellow bloggers’ notoriety, and the company’s reputation.

Original Videos

The Campus Socialite also integrates other mediums into its blossoming social media network, including film. Filmmakers from The Campus Socialite have interviewed musicians such as Sam Adams and Ghostface Killah, and reality television stars Jordan Alexander of Tool Academy 3, and Ronnie and Sammi of Jersey Shore. Rock Comedian Brian Smith is also a main part of the growing YouTube Campus Socialite community. The executives and staff are always looking for creative thinkers interested in shooting and submitting original videos to The Campus Socialite’s YouTube channel:

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