The Campus Diva’s Guide To Staying Cool In The 100 Degree Heat

hot weather

The temperatures this week have been completely unbearable…but you obviously know that. Here at Campus Socialite, we’ve cranked the air conditioning to try and stay cool, but for all Diva purposes, having to wear a sweater to work is not cute or okay – especially when others are lounging poolside. It’s definitely too hot for the beach, unless you stay IN the water…and doing any sort of outside activity requires a huge bottle of Smart Water for severe hydration. There are, however, things you can do in order to stay cool and still be fabulous. Let’s go through them.


1. Dress Appropriately

Bathingsuit coverup

And by appropriately we mean…in hardly anything. Less clothing equals more comfort in such high temperatures. Regardless of whether or not you’re actually going somewhere a bathing suit is necessary to be wearing, no one will question you if you’re in one and an oversized T-shirt. They’ll think you just came from the beach or pool, or are on your way to those locations. It’s breezy and it’s comfortable, plus you don’t have to worry about layers or looking your best…great way to stay cool.


2. Go to the Pool

girl in pool

I say the pool over the beach only because it’s much easier to find shade near a pool if necessary. People who tend to be fine in the sun on a regular day may get over heated in really hot and humid temperatures (like today, yesterday and wait, pretty much this whole week). A little shade never hurt, and it certainly will cool you off after sweating in the sun for a half hour. The pool’s also refreshing, and can make you feel better as well.


3. Stay Inside

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No one will judge you if you choose not to venture out in the extreme heat conditions. As a matter of fact, the weather people usually issue comments saying “babies and old people should stay indoors today” when the weather is this hot. Well, why should they be the only ones protected in the damn heat? They shouldn’t. You’re allowed to stay in, too. Maybe crank the AC real high, put on some sweats and curl up with a movie or two and your favorite snack. Truthfully, this doesn’t sound too bad to me at all. With this option, you don’t have to worry about heat stroke.


4. Go Shopping


Malls are still open in the summer. If you don’t want to be a couch potato and sit in the air conditioning, but you still want to stay inside, go to the mall. You know already it’s a one-stop shop. You can have your morning coffee, peruse through your favorite stores, have lunch, sit on a bench and chat on the phone…really whatever you want to do, but you’ll still feel social being in the mall environment. You don’t have to spend your whole paycheck – that’s not the point. You can just look around or buy a few things, and still have the satisfaction of a full day out of the sun.


5. Beverages and Sunglasses

beach necessities

If you do decide to go to the beach – or pool, even – besides trees for shade, only two things will make you feel better: ice cold beverages and sunglasses. What? Yes. Nothing will feel better than chugging ice water and getting a brain freeze when you’re profusely sweating in the sand. Water, ice tea, anything without milk in it (hint, hint: no iced coffee), will taste delicious. As far as the sunglasses go, when your eyes are covered and you’re not squinting, you may not realize exactly how strong the sun is, and your eyes are doing less work. Therefore, you’ll look great and you’ll feel a little better laying out.

Any other ideas for how to stay cool in the heat? Leave them below in a comment!

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