Campus Diva’s Playlist of the Week: Back to School Music

billy madison

So it’s finally time to load up the car and head back to campus…wherever that may be. You were probably busy this summer with that summer internship you were required to have, and maybe some of the latest music passed under your radar. Well, obviously, you can’t go back to school without being up-to-date on all subjects from every angle, so we could do this two ways. One, I could give you the five most recent mainstream hits to update your iPod, or two, I can remind you of five great songs about the necessity of education…or lack thereof. We’ll go with choice two.

1. The Boys Are Back in Town – Thin Lizzie


What better way to strut onto campus than with a song announcing you’re back? I can’t think of any. This classic song never gets old and gets the message across that you’re back in town and now everyone’s life will be ten times better. Download this song and use it to your advantage at all times.

2. What I Go To School For – Jonas Brothers


Jonas Brothers…not so Socialite, I know, but have you heard this song? Don’t be ashamed to admit it – it’s such a perfect back to school song. Not something I’d leave on every time it comes on random on my iPod, but definitely something worth listening to during the move in time period.

3. Another Brick In The Wall – Pink Floyd


First line of the song: we don’t need no education. Enough said? I think so. it’s so necessary to listen to anti-education music on your way to receiving your degree. Talk about an oxymoron. Anyway, fun song, worth putting on your iPod and adding it to this playlist.

4. I Love College – Asher Roth


Hello?? Asher Roth I Love College?? How could this NOT be on this playlist? Obviously it has to be. It’s the collegiate song of our generation. Asher captures the essence of the American college lifestyle and – no matter how much you don’t want to admit it – raps/sings about your day. Look at him go. Play this ish.

5. Back to School – Adam Sandler, Billy Madison


There’s not really much to say…the ultimate back to school song by none other than the oldest student Billy Madison himself.

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