By Tyler R Spaulding

I went into last weekend with huge expectations and I have to give credit where credit is due…USF you guys are maniacs. Gasaparilla on Saturday was insane, even though the weather was shitty it didn’t stop all the pirate hookers from coming out. I really think they should make beads a form of currency throughout the country, everyone would be so much happier and the plastic industry would be booming. Now onto this weekend and another shitshow of a time. This weekend has some sentimental value to me, it’s the last weekend of the year in which football will be played. It’s like the last big ragger of the semester…you know it’s going to be an insane time, there will be more man hugs than any other weekend of the year, your bound to at least make out with some chick you have never seen before and you will wake up feeling like you just got punched straight to the dome piece. Since I was in Miami last weekend and New Orleans a few weeks before I felt it was time to show the Colt fans some love. I got my Manning jersey packed and I’m ready for a serious celebration come Sunday night, if your not a Saints fan jump on this bandwagon and join me as I take over Indiana University for SuperBowl weekend.

Now I try to go to different colleges throughout the year and almost hate repeating schools within one semester, but don’t worry Hoosiers I will definitely be back for Little 5 weekend as well. This upcoming weekend is a rare opportunity, Bloomington is an awesome party town and no matter how much you love (or hate) football you can’t help becoming a bandwagon fan and rooting for the team where you go to school. The city is going to be packed out so try and scoop up any last minute accommodations possible, I will be staying with a few of my home friends so I am covered in that aspect. As for yourself, all the hotels are pretty close together in Bloomington so look for ones that offer a little more. If your going to have your car all weekend take advantage of the Biddle Hotel (900 E Seventh St), they validate your parking on campus so you don’t have to worry about paying every time you make a beer run or drop that freshman girl off in the dorms the next morning. Time to bust out the old pigskin, throw on that jersey, and rip it up this weekend at Indiana.

Friday February 5- Sinkin The Biz All Night

The great part of IU is that the entire town is basically the campus, these people eat, sleep, and breath the University which always translates into a great party school. I’m starting the night off at Nick’s English Hut (423 E Kirkwood Ave), cool dive bar but specifically going to play IU’s favorite drinking game…Sink The Biz. I never heard of this game until one of my buddies came home freshman year with a bucket and a glass, basically you fill the bucket with beer, place the cup in the bucket and take turns pouring beer into the floating cup, whoever sinks the cup drinks. Apparently, Nick’s is notorious for Sink The Biz so I will be pre-gaming here as well as catching dinner. Nick’s has some of the best pizza in Bloomington and I figure pounding beer, eating some pizza and chillin with some IU coed’s is pretty good way to start the night. As always, try and grab a group of girls at the first bar and bring them to the next spot you go, this actually improves your chances of getting laid by 83%…it’s science look it up. Once you have your crew of girls it’s time to get serious and show them who really STLD (get used to this abbreviation it’s a way of life). The next spot on the list tonight is Kilroy’s Bar & Grill  (502 E Kirkwood Ave, not to be confused with Sunday’s location). This bar is a compete shitshow and even if those skanks you just met at Nick’s are not down for the cause tonight your bound to find some other girls whose daddy’s never loved them. I’m not even giving you the option tonight to go get late night eats because your guaranteed to pull some tail. Enjoy!

Saturday February 6- Rockin Out At Bluebird’s

Ahhh top of the morning to you, that 10 that you brought home last night decided to wake you up for round 2 and she already went out and has an orange gatorade and sandwich waiting for you. Wait a minute there’s no way your pulling that move off, lets rephrase that…you wake up with the taste of vomit in your mouth roll over and see some chick whose cake face is now all over your pillows and looked at least 3 points higher last night. Get the hell up, shower and grab some breakfast, a good spot for to go is the Village Deli (409 E KirkwoodAve). Ask anyone at IU the Village Deli is the spot for good pancakes. Bloomington is a cool college town so take the day chillin around campus, you might even run into a day party if your lucky. Get back to the hotel to kick it for a little, before the big night on the town. Trust me rest up now because the next 24 hours will take a few years off your body. You can grab a quick bite to eat around the hotel and start the pregame going. The best move would be to start the night at a house party. Hopefully you met some people around town that you can go crash their party, drink their beer and probably end up trashing their house in some way or another. Once the pre-game winds down make sure you follow the initial plan and don’t get stuck at the house party all night, your in Indiana for one weekend so you got to make the most out of it.Tonight we are hitting up a classic IU watering hole, Bluebird Nightclub. Awesome bar, cheap drinks and always have live music, and not just those shitty college acts the bird actually delivers some legit performers so you can rock out all night without having to hear a Bon Jovi cover band. There’s a good mix of ages at this bar, but keep in mind IU is pretty strict with ID’s so if your planning on going home with a Freshman chick the dorms might be a better bet. With that being said, Indiana still has some of the hottest girls in the country so take advantage of this and ignore all the swamp trolls. Either your bringing home that IU hottie, sending the desperation text to the cake face from last night or going to get some food. The late night spot  for food at Indiana is Rockets, awesome pizza place and everyone ends up here so you could always end up scooping up some slope after grabbing a few slices.

Sunday February 7- Super Sunday At Kilroy’s

Welcome to the best Sunday of the year…Superbowl Sunday! If things go according to plan today (which based on Vegas bookies they will) there will be no better place to be than in Indy. After two nights of partying your going to feel like shit but not as bad as your friend after you give him the Superbowl wake up. Nothing says friendship like fucking with your friends when they are drunk or sleeping, in this case waking them up like you guys just won the Superbowl. The hotel garbage can makes for a great gatorade bucket, fill it up with some water, dump it on your friend and celebrate the fact that it’s Sunday morning and your hungover and not the one hungover and soaking wet. Now that everyone in your room is awake, and almost everyone has taken their morning shower it’s time to get down to business and enjoy the real reason Sunday’s were created. Since your in Indiana there are going to be parties all over the place; Kirkwood Avenue, Town Square Area and even the dorms are going to be celebrating and preparing for the big game. I will  be at one of Indiana’s newest bars Kilroy’s (201 S Meridian St). The doors at Kilroy’s open at 1PM so if your in need of seating definitely get there early. They are providing a heated tent on the patio, DJ spinning tracks all day and night with awesome drink specials throughout. They even have mimosas (just saying that makes me feel a little less masculine)  so your girl can enjoy the game without bitching to you the entire time.  Once you have your home base for the day staked out it’s time to feast, drink and enjoy an All American holiday. My prediction for the game Colts 34 Saints 27, I can’t hate on Brees but Manning is above the game it’s like walking into a room of freshman girls with fraternity letters on. If the Colts do pull the win off check back early next week for celebration stories after the big game.

Big time weekend coming up next, enjoy Super Sunday and keep living the dream….

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