By Tyler R. Spaulding

Huge week for me here at The Campus Socialite, I have officially become part of the team, the Campus Of The Week Tour kicked off with a bang (numerous times actually), the new Fan Page Tyler R. Spaulding’s Campus Of The Week launched and I won $15 on a holiday scratch off, now tell me that’s not what dreams are made of. Now this time of year can be tough to travel to college campuses and expect big things; everyone will tell you all the PBR kegs are tapped, finals are done, and most students have packed it up for some quality time back home…AKA that should not mean shit to you. Not only is this week’s Campus Of The Week one of the biggest party towns in the country, but there will more college kids partying this weekend than ever before. I have been in the northeast all week and am freezing my ass off, time to pack the bags and head west towards some warm weather, bowl games, and pure debauchery. Ho ho ho it’s time to hit up the University Of San Francisco.

Not familiar with the University Of San Francisco? The bars close at 2AM, there are literally hundreds of spots to party on any given night, two incredible professional sports stadiums minutes away from campus,and you are right on the Pacific Ocean.. now you know as much about them as you need to. Let’s start off with accomodations or where your drunk ass will be passing out for the weekend. San Fran has a ton of hotels around the city, my suggestion is to take advantage of the holiday deals and stay at a baller ass hotel for half the price. The spot this weekend is Parc Fifty Five Hotel- Union Square, dope spot and they are running specials this weekend that will save you over $100 and rooms are going for $115 per night. For $115 you can pack in your entire crew and spend about $20 a head. The hotel is located in the heart of the city and minutes away from shops, restaurants, and most importantly bars. Now that your settled it’s time to get rowdy and enjoy the weekend.

Thursday December 24- Temple’s Not Just For Jews On X-mas Eve

Let me tell you something people, Christmas Eve is a very under-rated party night. Everyone not celebrating the holidays tonight will let you know that shit gets crazy while your at home waiting for a fat man to slide down the chimney. If you are celebrating Christmas Eve, do the family thing and get your ass out once that delicious seven course seafood dinner is done, the fat man is not coming down the chimney anyway. The spot to be tonight is Temple (540 Howard Street), huge 20,000 Sq Ft club and restaurant with three sick rooms: The Shrine, Destiny Lounge (entire room is surrounded by LED lights, bust the glow sticks out), and the Catacombs. This will be one of the biggest parties of the night so prepare for a shitshow, and ring in the holidays in style.  Like normal, my advice is to go home with a complete stranger and see where the night takes you, if cheese fries with gravy and milkshakes are more your style I got the perfect spot for you. Sparky’s 24 Hour Diner (242 Church Street) is a late night paradise. Great food and killer milkshakes served all day and night and the place really gets packed out after midnight. You might even be able to pull of an All-Star move by eating those fries and going home with another drunk mess from Sparky’s.

Friday December 25- In N Out Burger And The 1st Annual Christmas Costume Party

Whether your cringing in the morning from that last shot at Temple or the warpig you just woke up next to, it’s time to get up and do it all again. San Fran is a chill town. They have upscale stores as well as an infinite amount of hippie hangouts, grab some In N Out Burger (333 Jefferson Street) and kick it for the day. Be sure to make a stop at Costumes On Haight, one of the best known costume stores open all year long because tonight your going to need to dress up. Santa wears a a costume so why can’t you? Girls I suggest the smallest outfit possible (those sexy stockings is always a plus) and guys I really couldn’t give a shit what costume you rent just make sure your dong is covered, no one needs to see that. Mid -afternoon might be a good time to go take a power nap and get ready for a night of pure madness. Usually I would let everyone know a good spot to eat dinner during the weekend since this is the only time you will be sober enough to sit in public, but it’s Christmas Day not to many good restaurants are going to be open, looks like your going back to In N Out for round 2. Once you wake up from your burger coma get ready to get shitty because your headed to a 1st Annual Christmas Costume Party.  Anyone who has partied in San Fran before knows about the classic spots, so I will fill the rest of you in. One of the classics from back in the day “Pink” shutdown leaving an opening for a new inhabitant…SOM. Kick ass spot that just re-opened, SOM is a global house atmosphere but has the fixtures of being a great bar as well. This place has a huge bar and at one end is a shotwell (only serves shots) so you know all the sick bastards getting blacked out including myself are hanging out at that end all night long. To make the night even better there’s a costume party where you can dress up as anything no guidelines whatsoever. What I have learned from costume parties are two things, 1) for some reason everyone always seems to get so much more fucked up than a normal night just because they are dressed in ridiculous gear and 2) every girl dresses extremely slutty and looks unbelievable at doing so. So SOM thank you for this night you have given us a great Christmas present.

Saturday December 26- USC Comes To San Fran For The Emerald Bowl

Hope you enjoyed the night because today is going to seriously kick your ass. Stop bitching about being hungover from the past two nights and get your drinking boots on its bowl season. The Emerald Bowl is being played at AT&T Park tonight (5PM PT), and it just so happens AT&T Park is in San Francisco. Boston College and USC should  make for a great game but thanks to the bowl selection wigs, USC only has to travel up the highway to get to the stadium, which means all their fans can make that same quick trip, which really means there will be an all out ragger for the tailgate. Grab some breakfast, shower up, orange gatorade and get to the stadium early.  Tailgating will be going on up until kickoff, get there early and setup shop. Flip cup, pong, funneling, BBQ, screaming things for no apparent reason and football all before 8PM…I mean come on this is the season for giving but this is just an insane weekend. After the game whether USC wins or loses just follow the crowd to the nearest sports bar and your guaranteed a good time.

Normally I would suggest closing the weekend chilling on the beach or hitting a game, but the only option for today would be to watch the Niners host the Lions and let’s be honest here, no one is interested in this game. Time to check out and head back home for a few days, another weekend in the books ladies and gents, uneventful of course but always one hell of a time. Don’t forget to become a Fan of Tyler R. Spaulding’s Campus Of The Week and if you have any suggestions on what campus to hit up just let me know. Keep living the dream…

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