By Tyler R. Spaulding

Happy New Year all you lazy lushes, welcome back to everyone’s favorite weekly column Campus Of The Week. To kick off 2010 in style I decided to take a trip back out West and hit up the Trojan land; USC. Classes start up again for the Spring Semester on Monday so you know all the SC coeds will be out and ready to party before hitting the books. Besides the gorgeous weather, slammin girls and laid back living there is a little football game going on in Pasadena. The National Championship is on tonight when Alabama takes on Texas, roll tide up against hook em horns, the beasts of the SEC and Big 12 will be out in Cali and playing for a title. Throw in all of the factors that make USC a kick ass campus, add Bama and Texas faithful road trippin to the West Coast and it sets the tone for an absolutely insane weekend. Pack your bags, throw on your drinking boots and get ready for a shit show.

Out of all the weekends and campuses this one I can ensure will be a pure rager. Three of the biggest schools in the nation are all packed into one area, no matter who wins or loses the game Thursday night, people are going to get crazy. The town is going to be packed out this weekend, so if you have not booked a hotel yet get on it asap. Anywhere around the Pasadena/ SC campus area is a good bet, no matter where you go in L.A. chances are your going to have to drive or take a cab so enjoy the scenery and the unbelievable Cali girls. Thankfully, I spent some time in USC last semester and will be posting up with a very giving Trojan scholar (Ashley remember I like my eggs scrambled in the morning). If you have yet to book a place and don’t have an apartment to pass out in my suggestion is book a cheap hotel just to crash in for the weekend, and spend that extra money on a ticket to the game or getting shit canned all weekend. My pick ,especially if you plan on going to the game is the Courtyard Marriott. Trusty name, plus its about 1.5 miles to the stadium and reasonable rates since your going to be packing your entire crew into the room anyway. Now that you have a place to fall when your drunk ass is blacked out, its time to get to work and enjoy the weekend.

Thursday January 7- Tailgate, National Championship, After Hours

Welcome to the National Championship Rose Bowl style. Besides being a sick game between two powerhouse programs, the atmosphere in Pasadena will be in insane. If you go to Alabama or Texas there is no excuse in the world why you should not be at this game… if your a college football fan and like beer there’s also no excuse why you should not be at this game. I got to be honest I think Texas is going to take this one in a game that comes down to the 4th quarter, but I will be attending a Bama pre-game at Brix 42.  This is the official Bama bar for the night so things are going to crazy here in a southern style and is only about a five minute drive from the Rose Bowl. Brix 42 is a classic sports bar mixed with Micro-brewery (check out the list of beers), there will be live entertainment going on and great drink specials all night long so this needs to be your headquarters if you don’t have a ticket to the game. Once the final whistle blows and every player on the field thanks jesus its time to keep the party going strong. Normally I would say go hit the bars, but this situation and opportunity is to good to pass up on…take my advice and go hotel after hours party. There will be tons of college kids from Texas, Bama, and USC all over the place  and the move tonight is to grab a group of kids from each school that think it’s Spring Break weekend and throw a rager back at your humble abode you call home this weekend…you will thank me in the morning when you wake up next to girls with team colors on that you will never have to see again.

Friday January 8- Go Greek & Hit 30th Street

Wow what the hell happened last night? Now I told you that you would have a crazy ass night, I never promised those girls that you wake up to though couldn’t play linebacker for each school. Time to get out of the room ditch the stump trolls from last night and get the day going. Remember you are in LA, so you can do the whole tourist shit taking pictures, seeing the set where Jack Nicholson once got a hummer, and so on or you can just be the college kid you are not give a fuck and just kick it. Great spot for the day to knock off last nights hangover is Universal Studios in Hollywood, the theme park not the tour (big difference so make sure you do it right). Sick coasters and it shouldn’t be to packed because it is still a week day and unlike you, people can’t just take hit up Cali and chill so enjoy it. After a long day in LA and still recovering from last nights disaster your going to be beat so go catch a power nap and get ready to do it all over again. Classes start up for on Monday for USC so everyone will be back on campus, and with an entire weekend with no school worries the only reasonable thing to do is party. Fraternity parties will be going on all night so jump from house to house and take advantage of the free booze and slutty girls. If greek life is not your style there will be a ton of house parties going on at 30th Street. Once the house parties start to die down everyone is going to head the best spot in town The 9-0. This is the local watering hole for all Trojans so follow the crowd and get shitty. Before you head home make sure you hit up Chano’s. This is the spot at USC for late night eats and what better way to end the night than a classic burrito. Chano’s is open to around 3AM so hit it up right after the bars close, make sure to get the Carne Asada Fries.

Saturday January 9- Fall Down The Rabbit Hole Into Wonderland

My advice on all Saturday mornings after pure madness…shower and orange Gatorade . Since you have been drinking shitty keg beer and eating late night burritos all weekend today is the day to ball out a little. Today is all about chillin, you have been ragging for the past 48 hours so kick back and hit up Santa Monica. Chill ass board walk right on the beach, great restaurants, and a hippie-ish scene. Take in some sun and head back to the hotel cause this night your doing it big.  Your going big baller tonight so dress the part, leave the shorts and hats in the room and throw that fresh shirt on, after all you are in LA (fake tits and cougar hunting tonight boys). Start the night out with a great Italian dinner at Firenze Osteria, great food that might be the last good meal of the semester because you are going back to campus soon. Get a solid base going at dinner with my favorite Jack on the rocks and prepare for a sick night. There are tons of places to go in LA but my pick for the night is Hollywood’s latest addition to the Cahuenga Corridor, Wonderland ,is a sure bet to have crazy night to wrap up the weekend. This Alice and Wonderland themed nightclub is a total trip and there’s a real live Alice that walks around with candy and drink tickets in hand. If your really going for the LA feel and want to get that plastic cougar hanging around the bar go table service. If you split it between a few of your boys it wouldn’t be to bad, especially since drinks here can add up quick. This a consistent celebrity spot so don’t be surprised to see some cameras flashing when some pop princess flashes her wizard sleeve when getting out of her car. Come to think of it get up close and personal with that wizard sleeve and bring her back to that trashed hotel room, if your buddies walk in you could always become an internet celebrity for banging some LA broad.

Another weekend  in the books and just some more insane stories to add to the fault. Hope you all enjoy the weekend in Pasadena and the National Championship Thursday night. I am looking for a new spot to travel this upcoming week so hit me up (Tyler R. Spaulding) and let me know if you think you have a legit Campus Of The Week until then keep living the dream….

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