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Campus Socialite Awards Leaderboards 4/14/2011

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After 10 days of intense voting in our inaugural Campus Socialite Awards, we are getting closer and closer to see whom the winners are going to be that take home the first ever Golden College Couch Trophy. This week we have had nominees Bryan Roy and Patrick Galbraitch featured on based on their nomination for The Campus Tycoon Award. Popchips gave a shoutout on their Facebook page to the nominees of the Social Media Pop Star award.  And next week there will be special announcement regarding the Best Campus Food Award that we are excited to share with you.

As for the standings after 10 days, there is tons of action and movement.  In the Best College Rapper Category, The Cave Boys have taken the lead over Phonetic ONE, Tracy Eisenstadt and Alyssa Quezada have been battling it out for The Campus Diva award, Kid EXP has nudged DJ Hoodr1ch for the top spot in the Best Campus DJ Award, and Robby Hayes is leading our Campus Socialite of the Year Award with a strong grasp at 33% of the votes.  Check back for updated leaderboards every Monday and Thursday throughout the competition! (Voting Ends May 4th) Help these nominees to become the first ever winner of a Campus Socialite Award!



campus socialite awards best college bar

Best College Bar

Johnny O’s- University of Wisconsin 15.9%

The Library- University of Mississippi 14.1%

Grubs- University of Arkansas 12.1%

Cain and Abels- University of Texas at Austin 12.1%

Score Keepers- University of Michigan 11.1%

Kilroy’s Sports- Indiana University 10%

Pussy Cat Lounge- Arizona State University 9.3%

Cornerstone- University of Maryland 7.1%

901 Bar- University of Southern California 4.5%

Barrel House- University of Kansas 3.7%

best campus food

Best Campus Food

Zingermans Deli- University of Michigan 22.3%

UBurger – Boston University 14.2%

Dinosaur BBQ – Syracuse University 12%

Big Pink – University of Miami 10.4%

Grease Trucks- Rutgers University 9.3%

Time-Out Restaurant – University of North Carolina 8.5%

Anchor Bar- University of Buffalo 8%

Primanti Brothers – University of Pittsburgh 5.4%

Social Sports Kitchen- Hofstra University 5.3%

Greek Lady- University of Pennsylvania 1.6%

best college event

Best College Event

Mifflin Street Festival- University of Wisconsin 21.3%

Little 500- Indiana University 18.3%

Derby Days – University of Mississippi 14%

Undie Run – Arizona State University 13.1%

T.H.O.N – Pennsylvania State University 10.9%

“World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” – University of Georgia – University of Florida 7.3%

Floatopia- University of California at Santa Barbra 5.4%

Slope Day- Cornell University 5.3%

Alpha Psi Rodeo – Auburn University 1.6%

best college promoter

Best College Promoter

Alex Mayer- University of Wisconsin 23.9%

Ben Bankoff- Arizona State University 15.9%

Angelo Karagrozis- Towson University 14.9%

James Dieterle- University of Florida 9.3%

Ian Force- St Petersburg College 8.3%

Adam Gabel University Of Massachusetts-Amherst 7%

Chris Par- University of California-Santa Barbra 6.8%

Charles “MrYeah” King- University of Louisville 5.9%

David Jumper- George Washington University 4.1%

Andy Kung- University of Illinois-Chicago 3.9%

best college rapper


Best College Rapper

The Cave Boys-University of New Hampshire 34.8%

Phonetic ONE- University of Wisconsin 25.3%

Jack Fiskio- Loyola University New Orleans 10.5%

Ursa Major- CUNY York College 10.1%

FiO- Adelphi University 8.7%

Micah B- Seattle University 6.1%

Henny G.E.D.- George Mason University 2.4%

Sam Lachow- City College 2.1%

ms campus diva

Ms. Campus Diva

Traci Eisenstadt- University of Hartford 36.1%

Alyssa Quezada- University of Delaware 35.4%

Stephanie Louise -Arizona State University 5.9%

Kelsey O’Neil- University of Miami 5.7%

Rachel Swimmer – UCLA 4.6%

Courtney Nicole Black – Hofstra University 4.1%

Lauren Oglensky- University of Arizona 3.8%

Alex Woods – University of Rhode Island 3%

Kassidy Howard- UNLV 1.4%

best college dj

Best College DJ

Kid Exp- Maryland Institute College of Art 20.6%

DJ Hoodr1ch- University of Mississippi 20.1%

DJ Stark Nak3d- University of Michigan 14.7%

Dj Dr Mr- Binghamton University 10.3%

Rosado- University of Buffalo 9.8%

EYELOVE- New York University 7.4%

DJ Lips- University of Pennsylvania 6.4%

DjKcao- University of South Florida 5.3%

Narkatta- Fashion Institute of Technology 2.8%

Just The Sauce- College of St. Rose 2.7%

best college band

Best College Band

Ben Baxter- University of Texas 28.1%

NGHBRS- Stony Brook University 23.3%

Carbon Tigers- DePaul University 10.8%

Threat Level Burgundy- University of Colorado at Boulder 7.9%

Fingers Of The Sun- Northeastern University 6.1%

Mine All Mine- University of Florida 5.8%

Y LUV- University of South California 5.6%

Jake Snider- Colombia University 5.1%

Manhattan Roar- Santa Fe College 4.5%

Beyond This Point- Five Towns College 2.8%
social media pop star

Social Media Pop Star

Michael Mayo – University of Indiana-Bloomington 39.2%

Tyler Oakley – Michigan State University 16.7%

Artur Fruman – University of Michigan 11.1%

Tina Yip – Boston University 10.7%

Ben Tepfer – Syracuse University 8%

Matt Huckabee – University of Tennessee 7.8%

Katie Whitmire- Baylor University 6.5%
campus tycoon


Campus Tycoon

Alex Goldstein-University of Wisconsin-Badger Trips 24.8%

Maurice Elliott- University of Arkansas-Fayettechill 15%

Keith Solomon- University of Maryland 13.6%

Patrick Galbraith- University of Kansas-SneakHype 12.7%

Bryan Roy- University of Arizona-Check 12.4%

Daniel Pearson- University of Central Michigan 6.4%

Arielle Patrice Scott- Cal-Berkeley-GenJuice 6.2%

Max Arndt- University of Minnesota-Toepener 5.8%

Nick Cash-University of Northern Iowa 3.1%

campus socialite

The Campus Socialite of the Year

Robby Hayes- Florida State University 33.2%

Trevor George- University of Michigan 17%

Bryce Tabb- Colorado University 11.8%

David Altier- University of Massachusetts-Amherst 9.7%

Sean Lieb- University of Arizona 7.6%

Seth Godnick- Buffalo University 6.5%

Lester Prosper- SUNY Old Westbury 4.9%

Zack Zanghi- Georgia State Univeristy 4.2%

Kyle Pokorny- Pomona College 2.9%

Tony Brzezniak- Illinois State University 2.3%

best party school

Best Party School

University of Wisconsin 22%

Arizona State University 17.4%

University of Texas 15.2%

Colorado University at Boulder 12.4%

University of Michigan 10.9%

University of Florida 7.2%

University of Miami 6.4%

University of Alabama 3.5%

Louisiana State University 3.3%

Chico State University 1.7%

best national fraternity

Best National Fraternity

Zeta Beta Tau 17.8%

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 17.3%

Sigma Chi- 15.3%

Alpha Epsilon Pi 9.1%

Phi Delta Theta 8.3%

Kappa Sigma 8.1%

Sigma Nu 7.6%

Sigma Alpha Mu 5.6%

Sigma Epsilon 5.6%

Lambda Chi 5.2%


Best National Sorority

Tri Delta 16.6%

Kappa Gamma 15.1%

Alpha Phi 13.9%

Zeta 11%

Pi Beta Phi 10.5%

SDT 10.2%

Alpha Epsilon Phi 8.5%

Alpha Chi Omega 7.8%

Alpha Zeta Delta 3.4%

Delta Phi Epsilon 2.9%

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