Campus Socialite Awards

The Campus Socialite Awards Winners Have Officially Been Crowned

The inaugural Campus Socialite Awards have been a smashing success.  There has been a lot of voting and a lot of #Winning.  And now, the moment you have all been waiting for.  After a month and over 150,000 votes, the winners are……


Best College Bar

Kilroy’s Sports- Indiana University 23.4%

Kilroy’s Sports Bar ended up with 23.4% of the vote in the Best College Bar category.  Constant Facebook posts and a ton of interaction from their loyal fans led to this close victory over Grubs at the University of Arkansas.  We can personally vouch for this watering hole as we had a blast at Kilroy’s when we attended Little 500 in Indiana this year, but we will get to that later.

Check out Kilroy’s Website:

Check out Kilroy’s Facebook Fan Page: Kilroy’s

Best Campus Food presented by Campus

Zingermans Deli- University of Michigan 21.8%

We have been huge fans of Zingermans for a long time.  We even highlighted this food heaven in an article last year Zingermans.  Zingermans is always cooking up new creations and it has never been more evident than this month’s special: A grilled cheese with blue cheese, mozzarella, provolone and bacon on grilled sesame semolina bread.

Check out Zingermans Website:

Check out Zingermans on Facebook: Zingermans


Best College Event

Little 500- Indiana University 32.7%

We were at Little 500 this year and let me tell you something, this was a very much deserved victory for the bicycle race in Indiana.  It was a neck and neck battle throughout between Mifflin Street Festival in Wisconsin and “Little 5”.  A recap of this years party: HERE.

Best College Promoter

Alex Mayer- University of Wisconsin 28%

Alex is a senior at Wisconsin and is a heavy hitter in the Madison Party Scene.  His party during Mifflin this year was featuring superstar DJ Avicii.  Alex held the lead in his category from start to finish and will now have his company’s parties promoted on The Campus Socialite for the next year!  He is leaving behind a serious legacy at Wisco and we cant wait to be involved with some bangers next year, starting with our Blitz and Beats kickoff show on September 2nd.

Best College Rapper presented by Soundbyte Management

The Cave Boys-University of New Hampshire 49.1%

The Cave Boys put on quite a social media show over the past month.  Elliot Tousley and Tony Fiel are real up-and-comers in the college rap scene and Soundbyte Management cant wait to get these guys on track.  Setting up Facebook event pages and releasing exclusive track after exclusive track, they quickly rose to the top of our poll early on and never looked back.  Here is the latest release from the youngsters from New Hampshire: Click Here.

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Tempe12’s Ms. Campus Diva

Alyssa Quezada- University of Delaware 52.7%

What can we say about this beauty from University of Delaware.  She won the Xtreme Trips Xtreme Week challenge when she got the most votes in the final week of the competition.  This got Alyssa a FREE Spring Break Trip to Punta Cana next year!  As the winner of The Miss Campus Diva award, Alyssa will be flown to Arizona where she will have a photoshoot with our friends at Tempe12.  She will then be included in the logo design for our new website Campus Diva and will work with us in a promotional role.  We are glad to have Alyssa on board, a three-time NCAA National Champion dancer and all around cool chick.

Best College DJ presented by SikMixxRadio

DJ Hoodr1ch- University of Mississippi 30.2%

In the closest of all of our battles, DJ Hoodr1ch edged out DJ Kid EXP from Maryland by less than 1% on the votes.  DJ Hoodr1ch spoke a lot of #Winning throughout the month and he stayed true to his word down to the final hours of the contest.  He will now be placed on the SikMixx Radio lineup and have his foot in the door to take his spinning to a whole new level.

Best College Band

NGHBRS- Stony Brook University

Social Media Pop Star presented by Popchips

Tyler Oakley – Michigan State University 65.8%

26,000+ Twitter followers, 28,000 “likes” as a Public Figure on Facebook and 123,000+ subscribers to his famous Youtube stream……. Social Media PoP Star Tyler Oakley has got the goods.  Tyler’s Youtube videos are a constant source of entertainment around Campus Socialite HQ and we have all become instant fans.  Expect to see more of Tyler on TCS in the months to come, we know a future superstar when we see one.  Also, look for Tyler next week as he will be featured on Popchips Facebook page…

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Campus Tycoon presented by

Alex Goldstein- University of Wisconsin-Badger Trips/College Travel Experts 27.3%

After starting Badger Trips LLC, a uber-popular Wisconsin travel company, Alex has now moved on to a nationwide takeover.  He has launched College Travel Experts and other niche sites targeting West Virginia, USC and even more to come. will be doing a feature article on Alex next week so stay tuned, this kids got Campus Tycoon written all over him.

“Like” Badger Trips on Facebook HERE

The Campus Socialite of the Year

Robby Hayes- Florida State University 65.7%

NCAA Nationals level swimmer and all around Socialite, we are proud to have Robby represent us as the Campus Socialite of the Year.  We have big plans for Robby, first being an exclusive interview on Campus Socialite next week.  This award is what we are all about, a true campus socialite, a man who leads a blended lifestyle of chaos and class. Recognized in every scene, he sets trends and sparks university-wide revolutions. The title of Campus Socialite is reserved exclusively for those elite students with the swagger and charisma to defy convention with inspired innovation.  Robby Hayes.

Best Party School

University of Wisconsin 24.9%

Mifflin Street Festival, Halloween, State Street, Football Games, Farmers Market, and “Teachin’ them how to Bucky“.  Wisconsin knows how to party.  The winner of the first annual Campus Socialite Best Party School.  Who cares about Playboys List, this your new source for where to find the best Party Schools in the US every year.

1. University of Wisconsin

2. Arizona State University

3. University of Texas

4. University of Michigan

5. Colorado University at Boulder

6. University of Florida

7. University of Miami

8. University of Alabama

9. Louisiana State University

10. Chico State University


Best National Fraternity

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Best National Sorority

Sigma Alpha Zeta