Campus Socialite Experimenting with a NEW Kind of Fantasy Basketball


I am a sports junkie.  Love NBA, love NFL, love MLB, and I know a few guys who like NHL.  Playing fantasy sports in this day and age usually comes with the territory of being an avid sports fan.  Thing is, as much as I love Pro Basketball and Pro Baseball, I just don’t get the same enjoyment from participating in those Fantasy Leagues as I do with the NFL.  They are too damn time consuming.  We’ll if you are a Campus Socialite reader, then I am sure you have come to notice us talking about this new Fantasy Sports site that were hyping up as the next big thing.  I shit you not, DraftStreet is legit.  It is Fantasy Sports for dudes with ADD.  Let me break it down for yah.

So Draftstreet and Campus Socialite have partnered up to offer our readers a “Free Roll” tournament.  I know what you are probably asking yourself right about now… “Freeroll?  Only time I heard that word used was when I used to play PartyPoker back in the day?” Draft$treets model is somewhat similar to that of online poker. DraftStreet allows you the opportunity to join a Fantasy league, draft a team, and your league can run for either 1 night, or 1 week.  So you know if you won money based on your drafting strategy not after 5 months, but after 5 hours!  In other words, it emphasizes the best parts of fantasy sports; winning money, trash talking, THE DRAFT, and removes the annoying parts; day to day management, injuries killing your team and then having to live with it for months, or the fact that there are times when fantasy sports just has trouble fitting into your schedule.


Bottom line, test it for yourself.  See if yah dig it, I think it’s pretty damn fun and I believe in no time you will be setting up leagues with your friends on a nightly basis.  Nothing to do after work or school one night, do a draft with your friends, talk some shit, and take their money.  Like I said earlier, we’re doing a Free Roll, which means it’s an opportunity for you to participate for free but still win money.  Good deal.  Below is the link to our league, which is setup as a 1 night league that competes on Friday night.  Meaning you have between now and first games on Friday to register your team.  It is a salary cap league format so I can’t tell you my team cause you fools will probably copy my shit.  Draftstreet is offering up to $200 in prize money.  I got a dirty squad and I am putting it out there that I am probably going to take this thing down.  If you feel like challenging me to a Draftstreet one on one duel, holler at me on twitter, I’ll battle.  Click on the image below of me owning Campus Socialite sports blogger, Silly, to get to our DraftStreet Campus Socialite League.

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